14 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight?

14 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight?

14 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight?

You are trying so hard to lose weight. You think you are doing everything right yet your body and energy remain the same. Here are 14 reasons why you may not be losing weight. Some things you may or may not be doing that are hindering your success.

1. You are to focused on weight loss and not on creating real health.

When you focus on weight loss you are in the mindset of quick results, diets, intense regimes. This is a recipe for failure. You have to look at weight loss as gaining health. Achieving energy, fueling your body with food that works for it, and exercising to create strength and vitality. To often we focus on calories in verses calories out. We obsess over scales, and we eat packaged low fat, low calorie food and do long drawn out cardio in the hope to “lose weight”. First you need to understand that you need to eat real food to create real health. Ditch the packaged, processed foods. Eat REAL FOOD! Then you need to eat fat in order to lose fat. Add into your diet, some avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut cream, nuts and seeds. Then exercise to create energy strength and the right hormonal environment for your body to use fat as fuel.

2. You think you are eating clean but you aren’t .

You think you are eating clean, but you aren’t. There are so many different meanings for the word clean, and the foreverfit version may be very different to the one you think you are doing correctly. Read up here on what is  clean eating real food diet. Here is the thing YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. What you think you know, may be wrong. What you have read may be someone else’s version of clean, and it may be what is holding you back from getting the results you are after. You may be eating foods that you are intolerant to, foods causing you to puff up and hold body fat. Foods causing stress. You may be eating what you think is clean, but its not really and it could be making you fat!

3. You aren’t sleeping enough

Everything happens while you sleep, you need a good 8-9 hours per night of sleep. You can’t expect you body to lose weight and feel great if you don’t get adequate sleep and recovery. You need to take care of your body. All the training you do, may not be coming out in results if you don’t get the balance right in your week, and you don’t get adequate sleep. Over training and a tired body will cause you to hold weight and store body fat.

4. You aren’t eating right for your bodies needs

Every single one of us if different, we all have different metabolic systems, different history, different stress levels, different training regimes, different goals. To expect one diet to fit all of these needs is wrong. You need to find the food that works for your body and what your goals are. If your goals are to heal your digestive system and train for a marathon, you are going to require to completely different fuel for your bodies needs. Just as someone trying to build energy, verses someone wanting to train for crossfit. You can’t expect one diet to fit all. You have to learn to find the fuel that is right for the results you are wanting. Take the time to understand what is important for you. What are your goals, then stick to them and fuel according to that. When you focus on one thing, you will be amazed by the benefits, who know once you have lost weight correctly and healed your digestive system, you may be fit enough and strong enough to run a marathon. However if you train in correctly and mix and match your goals and eat in correctly you will never reach what you are striving for. Simplify, target and fuel for those specific needs.

5. You are over training?

To often I see women in particular thinking that running is the only way to lose weight. That they have to run 5 days a week, and keep running. They then cut calories and obsess over scales. If you follow this method to weight loss you will soon run out of steam. Just as those  who get the crossfit addiction and train 5-6 days a week thrashing themselves. Or those who give P90X a whirl and train 6 -7 days a week and nothing changes. All of these things have there place and can get results when trained correctly and in the right balance. You have to get the balance right. A body sees stress as stress, overtraining is an instant way to make your body hold body fat because it thinks it is stressed. You need to challenge yourself, push your limits and find your edge, but you can’t expect your body to do this each and every day. You have to combine HIIT with strength training, low intensity movement and rest. Get the balance right and the magic happens, get it wrong and the frustration and fatigue plagues you.

6. You are under training?

Quite simply, you aren’t training enough. You need to challenge yourself in order to change. If you are wanting to change your body, ask it to develop strength, to tone up and to burn stored fat as fuel, you have to be willing to push yourself. Your body soon gets used to what you are doing. If you lost weight initially and you have plateaued this is telling you you need to change your routine. Our bodies get efficient at doing what you ask of it. They adapt. So doing the same exercise routine months on end, with leave you with the same results. Periodization and challenging your strength, asking for improvements and strength gains has to take commitment and training.

7. You over do your treat meal?

I am all for treat meals, as long as they are in the realm’s of clean real food and you don’t over do them. Having a treat meal once a week is fantastic, bring some variety into your diet. Don’t make it pizza, ice cream and apple pie if you have cut gluten out. You will be recovering from that for the whole next week. A treat meal should leave you feeling great. It shouldn’t be something that makes you bloated, gassy, fatigued. When you understand what works for your body, you learn to understand how to enjoy amazing treats that really work for your body. When used correctly they can also enhance your training and optimize fat burning.

8. You eat Low fat

You have to eat fat to burn fat. Our body needs the balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. You cannot cut one out. Each plays a very important role in our health. Every single hormonal reaction is dependent of fat. If you go low fat you are going to affect the health of your hormones. Burning body fat and changing your body is about learning how to create the right hormonal responses through exercise and nutrition to optimize fat burning and transform your body. Cut out the fat in foods and often it is replaced with sugar. Sugar is your worst enemy when it comes to trying to lose weight.

9. You eat at the wrong times of the day

To often people skip breakfast, snack small throughout the day, then over indulge at the end of the day. Switch it around, your largest meals of the day should be breakfast and lunch. Dinner shouldn’t be huge as this is going to take hours for your body to metabolize and instead of your body fixing, repairing and burning body fat while you sleep, it will be left trying to digest food. You will then wake up groggy and exhausted the next day because of not getting a deep sleep. Leave 2-3 hours after your evening meal before bed, then eat within 30 minutes of waking.

10. You over do caffeine

Caffeine can affect some people in negative ways. For some it can enhance and boost metabolism and for others it can slow it down. Its important to know what you works for you. If you are over doing caffeine and your body can’t handle it, you are always going to be tired, and your body is never going to be able to get you the results you are wanting.

10. You eat to much hidden sugar

Sugar affects your bodies chance to burn body fat. If you are running off sugar your body will always crave sugar and you will constantly be having highs and low in energy moods and cravings. Stabilizing sugar and teaching your body to use fat as fuel is going to help you get the results you want.

11. You don’t eat enough or regular meals

This is really important especially for women. Eating regular meals, whether is is 3 square meals a day, or 4-5 small meals is up to you and what works best. What ever it is that you do, it is best to find a rhythm, find a natural routine. You body runs in rhythms and routines. The more routine you make your meals and regular the more regular your natural rhythms will be. A body that runs with its natural rhythm is less stressed. Lower cortisol levels, even blood sugar levels and more likely to burn body fat. A body high in cortisol the stress hormone holds body fat. So find a routine that works for you, don’t skip meals and find rhythm.

12. You give up to easily and try the next thing

You aren’t committed enough, or you don’t take notice of the small milestones. I see so many people not appreciate the little changes. Remember it is little changes each and every day, that make big changes in the future. Don’t give up if after a week or month you aren’t seeing changes yet. Keep moving towards your goals, keep on the same path. Keep dedicated, committed and it will happen. So many people a addicted to trying out the next thing, the next celebrity diet, or craze. When you have the right skills and knowledge and you are training correctly and eating right for you body, stay committed. Get the right advice though. There is no point following a diet you have seen in a magazine if its never going to work. Trust in a expert and stick with it.

14. You only run

Women get fixated on running, they think running is the only way to lose weight, so they run and they run and they run some more. Yes running will help you lose weight. Running can be great. Only though if you don’t over do it and you combine it with the correct strength training and HIIT.


Where to NOW????

If you have been struggling to lose weight, maybe one of these points has struck a cord with you. It so important to get everything in place by looking at the big picture. Creating real health, from the inside out. Fueling your body correctly, exercising correctly and resting correctly.

This is why I created my 30 Day Body Renovation program to give you everything you need to transform your body and help you lose weight correctly. I provide you with the correct amount of exercise, the education to find foods that work for your body and how to create the right lifestyle balance. Or if you have done my BR30 or you are after a whole other level of fitness check out my BT90.





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