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16 Ways The Practice Of Yoga Heals

16 Ways The Practice Of Yoga Heals

16 ways the practice of yoga heals
There is a real mind, body connection happening throughout the practice of yoga. It’s not just about stretching the body and increasing flexibility. It is mostly about creating balance within your mind and body and aligning the two so they become one.


As yoga becomes more mainstream, we often lose sight of the underlying philosophy of the practice. That is to aid people on their spiritual journey. To unite the mind, body and soul and heal any weakness or fractures that may exist.


If you are not already familiar with the physical health benefits of yoga, then you should take the time to tune into my recent podcast which discusses in detail these benefits. But yoga does much more than improve the body and I think as we focus on getting fitter, leaner and stronger, we sometimes forget this.


Whether you are healing from tragedy, heartbreak, depression, stress or addiction regular yoga practice can heal and here is how…


1. Yoga allows you to connect with your breath which is ideal to calm the nerves, slow the mind and align yourself.
2. Yoga helps you achieve focus and clarity.
3. Yoga is all about respecting your body and personality with all its flaws promoting self-love.
4. Yoga helps you shift the negative mind set as you channel the positive energy.
5. Yoga helps create awareness to any tension in your body giving you the opportunity to let it go.
6. Yoga can assist with forgiveness as you learn to grieve and accept situations and/or people.
7. Yoga allows you to open up to positive feelings such as joy and gratitude.
8. Yoga can aid in realising your goals and dreams by strengthening your self-belief.
9. Yoga can help you connect with your inner voice – the positive, spiritual one!
10. Yoga helps nurture and nourish your mind.
11. Yoga allows you to gain perspective.
12. Yoga provides space in your mind free of negativity, stress and emotional baggage.
13. Yoga heals your own body image as you learn acceptance.
14. Yoga helps you practice patience and tolerance in not only yourself but also others.
15. Yoga can break down the impregnable barriers as you surrender to the practice.
16. Yoga helps you enjoy the present rather than spend time thinking into the future or past.


The ability yoga has of healing people on this spiritual and emotional level is incredibly powerful. Even those who don’t feel they need any emotional healing may just find something shift, a penny drop or something revealed that they weren’t expecting. Yoga is a way to experience true bliss as you gain perspective and balance while you reconnect with your inner self.

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