2012 The Womens Wellness Weekend In the Online Gym

The Womens Wellness Weekend 2012 In the Online Gym

The Womens Wellness Weekend 2012 In the Online Gym

Now inside the online gym is the 2012 footage from The Womens Wellness Weekend, with keynote speaker Cyndi O’meara. This weekend was truly inspiring and changed many lives. Sit back and watch some of the footage in the comfort of your own living room.

Watch The Videos From 2012 Event

If you missed the event, you have the opportunity now to access videos of the valuable content and information inside the online gym. The Women’s Wellness Experience 2012 was a event that inspired, informed and educated participants on how to attain and maintain true health and wellness.

Listen to Cyndi Omeara talk about how our food has changed and what this is doing to our health. Learn why modern food is making us sick, and get the knowledge on what you can do about it.

Watch videos from The Womens Wellness Experience 2012, plus 2013 footage. Regular webinars and educational content loaded up every week. Get informed, inspired and change your life with everything you need in the online gym!


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