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23 Foods That Are Cross Reactive To Gluten

23 Foods That Are Cross Reactive To Gluten

23 foods that are cross reactive to gluten
I used to get so frustrated because there were so many foods that used to cause me issues while I had leaky gut and it wasn’t until I learn’t about cross reactivity that I was able to pin point certain foods and able to eliminate them. To begin with I followed a strict autoimmune plan while my gut healed and now I am able to have a few of these items without it causing me any hassles.

If you know you are sensitive to gluten and avoiding it, but finding you are still suffering from some of your past gluten related symptoms it could be due to the cross reactive foods.


What Is Cross Reactive Mean?

This means that your body reacts to them the same way as it does gluten, it sees them as similar and this reaction is heightened with inflammation. Meaning if you have any form of leaky gut the body becomes much more reactive. Its incredibly frustrating as it seems like you can’t eat anything, but if you give it time and you understand the types of foods that your body sees as similar you can avoid some of that frustration and allow the healing process to happen. Remember this doesn’t mean you have to avoid these foods forever. Everyone is different and how your body reacts is different to someone else, so you may find just one of these foods is an issue or all of them. For me personally I couldn’t touch oats for at least 2 years, but now I eat them occasionally without any issue. Coffee is completely out and my body reacts very intensely to this, which is annoying because I LOVE coffee, so I just have to sniff it now and soak up the aroma instead. Still have a coffee machine and can’t bare to get rid of it, so I just enjoy making it for visitors now…..

The reason these foods are cross reactive is because they contain proteins that the so similar to gluten that the body reacts to in the same way. So often when you eat these foods the bodies immune system will react in just the same way as if you just ate a massive pizza.


Here is a list of the 23 Foods That Are Cross Reactive To Gluten

Dairy (lactose)
Polish wheat


Removed Gluten And Still Having Issues?

For an inflamed gut the body thinks you have consumed gluten with these cross reactive foods, so how your body reacts to gluten is how it will similarly react with these cross reactive food types.  So for me I removed all cross reactive foods while I was healing my gut and it was then that I noticed a change in my health in a good way.  I had been gluten free for at least 7 years and it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I discovered I had leaky gut and understood more about cross reactivity and started to take it seriously. I used to get so frustrated as I would get watery eyes, itchy nose, exhaustion, dry skin and all the things gluten used to create for unknown reason. I still avoid a lot of them today, but I aren’t as strict as my body seems to do fine with them every now and then. There is still some healing to do with my body, but my gut is a million times better.

So if you feel you are struggling with your healing process and still experiences digestion issues then try cutting out these cross reactive foods. I know it can seem like you can’t eat much, but think of your inflamed gut wall like a sprained ankle. If you keep running on it, it will continue to remain inflamed. You need to let it recover. Your gut is the same if you keep throwing foods that cause inflammation you will continue to feel the same. Remove them, let it recover and then you will be able to fine tune your diet and find out which foods you really do well on, verses getting confused and frustrated because it feels like you can’t eat anything. I get it! I know how it feels.


Sometimes it can feel like you can’t eat anything when you have leaky gut or other digestive issues. So check out my next post where I share 4 things you can do when you feel like you can’t eat anything. 


Check out the autoimmune plan we have in the online gym and start to fine tune you diet so that you can thrive and be the best you can be. All the tools to help you heal leaky gut and over come digestive issues.