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4 Quick Steps To Start A Healthier You

4 Quick Steps To Start A Healthier You

If you are after a simple place to start with your journey to health or you are after a more sparkle in your day and a bounce in your step. Here are 4 simple things you can do to get off the best possible start.


Eat Plenty of Fresh Vegetables.

A diet that is full of vegetables is going to create a leaner and healthier you. It will help you create health from the inside and out. Every single cell in your body is built by the foods that you eat. Vegetables provide you with essential nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The best way to eat your vegetables is when they are still raw and as soon as they are picked. As soon as vegetables are picked, their nutrient profile changes. This is also the reason why it is more suitable to grow your own vegetable and/or buy on the local stores. If your vegetables have traveled across the country, the more nutrient will be lost. For some vegetables, however, the nutrient profile and digestibility can be improved by cooking. Both carrots and tomatoes improve beta carotene when it is cooked which is converted to vitamin A. This is required for eye, skin, reproductive, hormonal and bone health.  For those with digestion issues, the cooking process helps to breakdown the vegetables and makes them much more usable by the body.

Cooking affects the vitamins such as vitamins C and B and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron in water- soluble vegetables. The best way to cook vegetables is to lightly steam it so that many of the nutrients are going to be maintained.

What About Canned, Frozen Vegetables?

When it comes to canned vegetables, you have to take special care with the other ingredients that may be present. In particular is the salt and sugar in some cases. You can’t beat fresh vegetables but making a huge batch of soup from some good quality canned organic tomatoes is going to be a great healthy dish. So it’s about making the best with what you can.

Another great option is frozen. Just like canned, often they are packaged up as soon as they are picked. So frozen is your next best as opposed to fresh as they often don’t contain other added ingredients, you just loose some of the nutrients once they are frozen.

Vegetables play a huge role in helping the body draw out toxins, to naturally detoxify. The more you can fill up on vegetables the healthier you will be.


Practice Yoga

One of the most powerful forms of exercise you can do for your body is Yoga. I think this should be a part of everybody’s life, both men and women, elite athletes and those just starting with exercise. There are so many different forms of yoga, from gentle Ashram yoga to the more intense Power yoga or bikram. This is why I have included yoga in various forms in the online gym.

Yoga is incredibly powerful in creating a strong, lean body without the stress. It helps create mental clarity and a strong mind body connection. It helps you bring your body and mind back into balance, therefore creating a more healthy balance lifestyle. Yoga is about creating space in your mind and in your body, releasing tension and helping your body calm down physically.

Yoga teaches you to be kind to yourself. To allow you to get connected and this gives you the potential to help those around you.


Walk More

Our bodies are designed to walk. The more walking you can add into your life the healthier you will be. Low intensity movement keeps your body in balance. Aim to do a good 4 hours of low intensity movement like walking per week.

Walking not only helps strengthen your muscles, legs and heart. It also helps decrease risk of illness. But one of the major health benefits of walking is its effect on your mind. Getting outside helps you boost your vitamin D intake. This is a nutrient that is really hard for you to get from food. Many people are deficient in vitamin D. This plays a huge role in the health of your bones, skin, hormones and brain function. Those who lack vitamin D have higher cases of depression and mood related illnesses. So vitamin D from sunlight plays a huge role in your physical condition from bone health through to immunity and general sense of wellbeing.

A simple brisk walk is one of the best natural ways to boost your energy. It increases circulation and oxygen supply to every cell in your body. Making you feel more alert and alive. It makes stiff joints more mobile and helps remove the feeling of being sluggish and tired.

Find A Passion

Then most of all I think it is so important to have purpose, have something  you are passionate about. Something that excites you and inspires you. It is proven those that lead a longer healthier lives are those that are passionate about what they do. They have something that gets them up in the morning. Something that helps them make the right choices. So in order to find a healthier you, you need to find what drives you. Why do you want to be healthier, whats really in it for you? Then create decisions around that.

Inside the online gym I have everything from yoga, meditation through to webinars and mindset videos. Everything to help you be a healthier you.





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