7 Primal Movements You Need To Do

primal moves

7 Primal Movements You Need To Do

Our bodies are designed to move and to be active but the busier we get the less time we have to move. The best thing you can do is move your body in a way it is designed to move. In order to do this, you need to understand what the basic primal movements are.

Your body can move in 7 different ways.

The problem that most people encounter with their training is that they miss some of these movements out. Their workouts are boring or they do too much on one sort of movement and not enough on the other. They also might do their exercises sitting down using some flash bulky piece of gym equipment that doesn’t actually help their body get stronger as a whole entire system. When it comes to picking up boxes, mowing lawns or playing with the kids they struggle or injure themselves because they haven’t built functional strength.

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