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7 Ways To Boost Your Kids Immune System This Winter

7 Ways To Boost Your Kids Immune System This Winter

7 Ways To Boost Your Kids Immune System This Winter
A kids school room is the perfect place for colds and flus to be passed around. So as much as you can you want to try and boost your kids immune system so they don’t bring home those bugs and pass them onto the rest of the family.

Here are 7 ways to boost your kids immune system this winter and avoid you getting struck down in the process.

Load up on soups

Throughout winter get into the weekly habit of creating a huge big pot of homemade broth. Through in lots of garlic and use it for mid week meals or just a lovely hot cup of soup straight after school. Broth has incredible healing properties for the gut and is loaded with minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. All these things help improve immune function and help repell colds and flus. Incredibly versatile and a great foundation to your winter routine.


Add in some smoothies
Kids are fussy, so one great way to ensure they are getting lots of fresh, raw vegetables into there diet is to disguise in smoothies. Through in some spinach or kale with their favorite blend and you are increasing antioxidants and helping strengthen immune system.


Ditch the processed foods
Processed foods are loaded with sugar and plenty of other crazy ingredients. Both of which mess up your immune system. By creating a 1 ingredient pantry instead of a packaged processed one, you will be helping your child avoid being struck down this winter.


Load up on good bacteria
Get your good quality probiotics in to help improve digestion and gut function. In doing so you boost immunity and will provide a protection against colds and flus. Aim to have one meal per day that has fermented foods in it such as sauerkraut, kimchee, yogurts, kombucha or kefir. Make it part of your every day life and you will reduce frequency of getting sick.


Kids need sleep and evening routines are crucial for helping to create the environment to make them sleepy. Remove technology by 6pm, dim the lights, eat early and slow down the house hold to encourage early nights. A tired body has a weakened immune system, so get them to bed early and create evening rituals and routines every night to repeat it.


Do you have any tips you do to boost your families immune system? Would love to hear from you. Comment below.