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A Beautiful Medley Of Instant Weekly Fermented Vegetables

A Beautiful Medley Of Instant Weekly Fermented Vegetables

Foreverfit.tv - Fermented Leeks

Who needs takeaways or instant meals when you have the power of fermented foods. If you can wait that long for them to ferment that is, most the time I have eaten it before its actually fermented properly, hence why I always do 2 jars. Do this weekly prep once a week and you have got vegetables sorted for the week ahead. Instant food ready for quick meals. Add flavour to them or keep them plain. Great to add to salads, into stir fries or eat straight out of the jar. You are only limited by your creativity. Use your favourite vegetables and get creative in the kitchen.

Ingredients Option 1

  • 2 whole leeks
  • 1 red Cabbage
  • 2 tablespoon himalayan salt

Ingredients Option 2

  • 1 Red cabbage
  • 5-6 Large Kale Leaves destalked
  • Spring Onion


  1. Start by taking off the out wilted leaves of the cabbage. Then put aside a couple of large leaves to use at the end when jarring.
  2.  Slice the vegetables into fine pieces and place in a large bowl with salt.
  3. Then using your hands start to massage the vegetables. Keep massaging and crushing it. It will start to become limp and watery over time. Typically 5-10 minutes
  4. If you want to add flavour to it now you can. Fennel seeds or caraway seeds are ideal.
  5. Pack the cabbage into the jar.  Be sure to press down really firmly so that you are pushing liquid to the top to cover the cabbage.
  6. Once the jar is full, use the outer leaves of the cabbage onto to push the vegetables down under liquid. Then cover.
  7. Ferment the vegetables for 3 to 10 days in a room temperature space out of sunlight. Be sure to place the jars in a dish to catch any overflowing liquid with the fermentation process.
  8. After fermented store in a cool space ideally the fridge.


The flip top jars that I used don’t have tight lids, so these are perfect while fermenting to allow any over flow of liquid to come out. If you have jars with screw top lids, don’t do them up to tight, and just release them each day, you can also each day press down the cabbage to ensure it is still under liquid when you release them. Alternatively you can cover with cheese cloth.

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