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A Diet for Autoimmune Conditions

A Diet for Autoimmune Conditions

Anyone with any sort of gut problems needs to be on a low inflammation based diet. Whether you are dealing with irritable bowel, leaky gut, exhausted adrenals, candida, SIBO, dysbiosis and or skin problems. They are all linked to the integrity of your digestive system and your gut health. A lot of diets out there in particular anti candida diets suggest going without starches and removing all fruit because of the fermentation in the gut and the high sugar content.
More often than not when someone goes to a doctor or naturopath with a skin issue they get told they have candida. This is an easy label put on to a situation that can often be more complex. I for one had this label put on my skin issue and followed the doctors and naturopaths advice only to get more intense flair ups weeks later. Now that’s not to say their advice wouldn’t have worked for someone else. However for me the antibiotics and drugs put a bandaid over my issue, but it really didn’t heal the problem.

What then happens to most people including myself is is you go and research ‘anti candida diets’ on the net. “Dr google” has advice everywhere. Anticandida are everywhere! Many of these diets are incredibly misleading and don’t work.

More often than not a candida problem is linked to the integrity of your gut. It could be a yeast overgrowth, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, gut infection, irritable bowel or leaky gut. So just treating the candida is not helping to fix the deeper problem. The candida is just your bodys sign that something is wrong. It’s a symptom. You need to fix the gut health and bring it back into balance which will then heal the candida issue or whatever else is going on.


Firstly you need to remove all high inflammation foods and and sugars. Many anticandida diets remove sugar but not grains or legumes. This can be a problem because people with gut problems have trouble breaking down this sort of carbohydrate and can cause irritation and more inflammation. These are polysacharrides and longer chain sugar molecules. Some fruit is okay because it is absorbed much quicker in the stomach, a shorter chain sugar molecule. This is the complete opposite to any anti candida diet.

It’s important to understand your body and know what sort of carbohydrates you are consuming and the effect it has on your body. You need carbohydrates but the type that you can consume. You want them to be absorbed before they even hit the small intestine which is where the imbalance is.

You then need to be consuming good quality fats and proteins which are the building blocks for your cells and promote recovery. Drinking a lot of bone broth help to rebuild your intestinal lining  because of the glycene and collegen rich mixture. Along with this eat things like homemade jelly. I make this with grapefruit , water and gelatin. This is incredibly healing for your gut and full of glycen and collegen.


What is an Autoimmune Diet?

It has been suggested that anyone with an autoimmune condition is very likely to have a leaky gut. This was me. In almost every autoimmune condition that has been tested a leaky gut has been present. There is huge research and evidence proving that autoimmune conditions can be reversed by following a proper autoimmune diet. Check out Dr Terry Wahls video Minding my Mitochondria if you aren’t convinced.

Every single one of us is different, it is important to understand what your body can tolerate and what works for you. Learning to understand your metabolic type and what works for your body. Listen to how foods react with you, this is why I created the BR30 program, it removes all common high allegen foods and teaches you to listen to your bodys reactions.

For all my clients I get them to start with this sort of diet. Then if they are still experiencing some problems, we go a little further and start to remove some other foods such as eggs, nuts, certain fruits and nightshades vegetables. These foods often can cause irritation to someone who has gut problems. So by removing these you allow your body time to heal and repair.

If you were to continue eating foods that irritate your gut, it’s like running each day on a sprained ankle. You need to let the ankle repair then you can go running. If you keep aggravating it you will keep experiencing the same symptoms. Often those with an inflamed digestive system have to remove all foods that cause inflammation, then allow the repair to happen. This doesn’t mean you have to eat this way forever, its like the ankle. Give it time to heal then you can reintroduce the food again just as you would running.


This is why bone broths and gelatin rich foods are so powerful in healing your gut. You digestive system is lined with little microvilli with are like octopus tenticles all around the gut lining and mucus to help with digestion. If you have an irritation those microvilli are all blunt and the mucus lining of the gut could have disappeared. So by removing the foods that have caused the damage or that may cause irritation and by consuming foods that help rebuild and replenish, you are able to heal your gut lining.

Depending on the severity of the damage someone may have to eat this way for 1-2 years to allow the repair. There are certain supplements out there that help speed up the recovery and this is where good quality probiotics play a huge role. Research has shown that not only do probiotics help with the balance of bacteria, they are also incredibly anti-inflammatory and they help rebuild the mucus lining that is in the digestive system. This is the brand that I highly recommend and help heal my gut – Primal Defense Ultra Probiotics by Garden of Life. Also fermented cod liver/butter oil blend this is why I use this product too, Green Pastures Blue Ice Royal fermented Cod liver oil/butter oil blend  it helps bring down the inflammation, providing my body with the vitamins A, D and K which are essential for repair and also EPA and DHA fatty acids for repair and healing.


You hear me talk so often about nourishing your body, this is why I am so passionate about this. Too often we see food as a quick fix, we need to start to look at our food differently. What can you change to start to take care of your body and help it naturally repair and replenish?

Hope this information is helpful, get in touch if you have any questions or comments, I love hearing from you :)







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