Are You Skinny Fat?

Are You Skinny Fat?

Are You Skinny Fat?

Are you skinny fat?

A skinny fat person is someone who might look good in some clothes, but showing some skin is another question! They generally the ones covering there arms and legs and are not so proud naked.

In general this is most common in women and these are the women who diet, reduce calories, eat a low fat diet and you would never see them lifting weights, and if you did see them in a gym you would see them on some cardio gear, most probably reading a magazine at the same time! These women are often also obsessed over scales! Little do they know that the weight they are losing from the endless cardio and dieting is most probably their valuable muscle, and because of the stress on the body from the reduce calories and low fat diet there body is holding onto any precious body fat it has.

When you get fit and lean and you train correctly you can improve your bodies natural shape and you can maximize your own body.

Being skinny fat is very much a women thing because men aren’t afraid to lift weights. Also men in general understand that lifting weights , eating well and being more active is what is going to change there body and improve there health. However women seem to complicate things, they use diets, regimes, restrictions, potions, calorie restrictions, what ever they can find that is the next quick fix, they seem to run for that.

The thing to understand is that it has to start with food, whether you are a man or a women and it has to be food that works for you. Eating right for you body, removing inflammatory foods, eating clean real nutrient dense foods that nourish and provide your body with energy. A low fat packaged calorie restricted diet will not work!

Like I mentioned above losing weight isn’t a true reflection on a transformation, simply dieting may eliminate weight, but you will not tone anything and it is questionable what you are losing in order to lose weight.  Also by doing the cardio, low fat diets, calorie restriction is going to tell your body its stressed. The fat cells in your lower body will cling on for dear life and your body will far rather burn up muscle than let go of these precious fat cells.

The reason I am talking about this is because “skinny fat” does not mean you are healthy. The truth is the skinnier you get the more risk you are of things like osteoporosis, poor hormones, lack of sex drive, poor metabolism, the list is huge. If you have less muscle your body will shed osseous material, thats your bones! In fact your bones are a living tissue, that is directly related to your blood, immune system, energy, brain function and longevity.  You have to provide your bones with fuel so that they maintain there strength. Weight bearing exercises and lifting weights  is what will do this. Cardio equipment and diets will do the opposite!

If you want to look good naked and look good in clothes, than its time to ditch the diets, ditch the quick fixes, ditch the cardio gear. Dieting and cardio will help you shed weight, but it want make you look good naked, or tone up those arms for singlets you need train correctly. Also if you want to feel great and look great you have to do it correctly!

Understand this, you will not get bulky!!! Your body will get strong and lean! Women don’t have the right genetic or hormonal makeup to get bulky, you would have to be lifting serious weights, training for hours a day and eat ridiculous amounts and food and supplements to alter your bodies makeup. So by doing some HIIT style workouts, weights and eating correctly, the only changes you will be making is a toned healthy lean body. Your training will be maximizing what you have got and improve your own bodies natural shape.

This is why I have got workouts in the online gym, that you can do in your living room! Workout that will tone up your entire body from top to bottom. You can do with no equipment and I will help you through the process.

Also in the online gym I teach you how to be eating the right foods to help you burn body fat, and tone up.

If you are serious about changing your results, then I will see you in there!




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