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The Basic Gear List For Triathlons

The Basic Gear List For Triathlons

Participating in a triathlon can be as expensive as you want it to be. Heres the thing you don’t need to have all the flash gear. So many people think it is about the newest, fastest most aerodynamic equipment you can find, but to me I am a basics kind of girl. So whats the minimum amount of equipment you need in order to have a successful day out. Now this gear you don’t have to buy all brand new, hunt it out and find the best equipment that you can afford that is right for what race you are competing in.

Here, you’ll find a basic gear list that has everything you need just to get across the finish line.

Basic Triathlon Gear List

This is for those who are just starting out and most likely doing the fun distance or sprint distance. So this gear is not about breaking records or anything, its about what you will need and what will get you over the finish line with a smile on your face, because you participated!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Swimsuit

As long as it is comfortable to swim in and it fits, you are good to go. So for the ladies a one or two piece sports tog will work and guys you want tightish brief, shorts or speedos. The main goal is they stay on, and they don’t slow you down.

2. Goggles

As long as they fit and are comfortable.

3. Swim Cap

Sometimes these get provided on race day, but have one with you just in case.

4. Towel

Depending where the swim is, you may be running through sand to your bike, so you will want something to get the sand off your feet as you transition.

5. Bike

A bike that fits you, what ever is in your garage is often the best place to start. If you have a mountain bike, but you want a road bike, head into your cycle store and see if there are road tyres that will fit your bike for the day.

6. Helmet

You need this! A good fitting comfortable helmet is a must.

7. Pump

Not completely essential, but a good idea to have is a puncture, pump kit for you bike. Just in case.

8. Water Bottle

Have these on your bike ready to go, so you can hydrate while you are cycling. Will give those legs a great opportunity to speed there way home in the final leg of the race.

9. Shirt

Have a tshirt handy so you can pop this on for the bike/run section. Depending on the race depends on how much skin is allowed to show. Play it safe and have something handy to pop on, esp for the guys if you have come out of the water topless.

10. Running Shoes

Get shoes that fit!  See a physio, shoe clinic and get proper shoes to help with your training and running style.


So there you have it, the basic equipment to get out there and give it ago. Now there is other equipment you can get that can make a difference on the day. Things like clip pedals for your bike and bike shoes, sunglasses, shorts to pop over your togs and socks for your running shoes all make the world of difference. So practice a couple of times some transitions and find what is going to help you run the most efficient comfortable race on the day.



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