Basic Gut Function Test: Biohealth 101

Basic Gut Function Test: Biohealth #101

Basic Gut Function Test: Biohealth #101

This is one of the first tests we get measured. It is measures basic gut function through the metabolic pathways of the body. Indican, lipid peroxides and urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS). It gives us a measure of how well you are digesting protein, whether there is oxidative damage by free radical activity and by getting a measure of bile acid sulfates we open the door to how well your liver is working.


This is our measure of protein digestion. The test measures indol, which is the metabolic byproduct of the action of intestinal bacteria on the amino acid tryptophan. If someone has poor protein digestion from compromised gastrointestinal dysfunction it will start to lead us to the root cause of health issues. Poor gut function can compromise gut function and protein digestion, be it from insufficient HCL production, insufficient digestive enzymes, food reactions, parasitic infection, fungal infection, overgrowth of bacteria, hyper-motility of the small intestine.

Lipid Peroxides

Lipid peroxides are an index of the measurement of damage caused by free radicals. Membrane proteins, membrane lipids and cholesterol can be damaged due to an insufficiency of antioxidants to deal with the level of oxidative stress/free radicals. The elevation of lipid peroxides serves as an early warning of the potential long-term effects of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can result from exposure to toxins or pathogens, especially chemicals, inappropriate lifestyle factors, such as excessive exercise or byproducts of normal metabolism. 

Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates (U.B.A.S.)

UBAS is a direct measurement of liver function. Elevated bile acid sulfate levels in the urine are associated with impaired liver function, hepatocellular damage, and a high specificity toward hepatobiliary diseases. Compromised liver function leads to a build up of toxic substances that can damage liver cells and lead to increased risk for cancer and a variety of other degenerative diseases.


The results of the above gives us a huge insight into the metabolic pathways of your body, if they are compromised and not working properly we will look to find the root cause at to why this is, and help you find healing opportunities to bring them back to healthy function.