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Beginners Tri Series Program

Beginners Tri Series Program

Abdominal musclesThe Sovereign Tri Series has a some fun individual distances that you can enter into, so this program is catering for someone who wants to enter in and do the individual race and do some proper training to prepare for the race.

This program is also for someone who is just starting out running, swimming and biking. It is gradual and it is combining everything you need to be successful and prevent injury. Where so many people go wrong is that they go to fast to soon, and they think its just about doing more. They run to much and they don’t balance out there training with strength and core work. The great thing is you don’t have to let your training take up loads of time, its about training smarter and more efficiently.


Here is how we will structure your week, and this is what you need to include in your week.


Timed Run

This run is only done once a week, this is where you will run a set amount of time and you will try to run as fast as you can within this time frame. Gradually you will increase this amount up to 20 minutes. Once you hit 20 minutes, this is where you will stay. Then each week you will try and push the distance that you can run in 20 minutes, or run a distance that takes you around 20 minutes and try to do it faster. The key here is to try and increase your capacity to run faster in a short distance. You will start on gentle though. Go for 5 minutes and try to run as far as you can in 5 minutes, then the next week make it 6 minutes etc.



Once per week, we sprint! Now don’t freak out if you have never sprinted before, this is your sprint, your 100%! You don’t have to race with anyone except yourself. The key is to go at your absolute maximum! There is nothing like sprinting to shape your legs and core, and the response from your body after sprinting is like nothing else! The great thing is this is only done once a week. This will increase your capacity to be able to run faster over a longer distance. That means training anaerobically will increase your aerobic capacity. However, it doesn’t work the other way. Meaning if you train aerobically (slow and steady) it doesn’t make you run faster so those that just jog throughout there week never really get stronger at running. When you add sprints into your week you will become a stronger runner.

The way you do it is you do 10 x 20 seconds sprints, rest as much as you need to start with in between rounds, then over time reduce rest period down to 20 seconds, and you could increase amount up to 15 repeats if you wish. If you were to do 20 seconds sprints with 20 second recovery x 10 that’s a very short workout! You have to, of course, go at your top pace!


Long Run

Now, the third and last run you do per week is your long run. This is when you try to increase the amount of time that you can run for every once a week. I have included this in and around walking and gradually you are going to be increasing this time. You will be out walking for 60 minutes and within that time you will increase how much running you can do. Eventually, you will be running constantly for 30 minutes, and walking for the rest, and then 60 minutes or more. The key is you gradually replace the walking time for running, and you only do this type of running once per week.


High Intensity Interval training

We need to include HIIT training into our week 2 times. This is the type of training that gets your metabolism on fire and really makes you sweat. It’s a circuit style but high intensity for you, getting the heart rate up and sweats on, as well as, the muscles burning. It’s about finding your levels. These workouts are short, smart and incredibly effective. You can get a great workout done in 12 minutes. If you are a beginner you could start with LITE workouts, these are based around the same training, and they are a beginner’s version of HIITs and what you will also find in the online gym under LITES. You don’t need equipment, however, you can ramp them up more by adding weights to some exercises, these can be done in your living room and this can gets you burning body fat like nothing else. Also this type of training means that you keep burning body fat while you are resting. This training will increase your running strength without you having to run. You will get fitter and will find running so much easier.


Yoga and Stretching

Once per week include yoga and stretching for mobility and relaxation. This is really important to help prevent injury and keep you mobile. You could also include meditation into each day to help you find that balance and focus each day. The power yoga is not only an effective way to train, it will also leave you feel amazing. It will help with your leg and core strength while keeping you functionally strong. These workouts are about strengthening your body, while you stretch and also lift the heart rate up. You will feel like you have had a workout, yet you will feel relaxed and mobile afterwards. This is what helps us create lean strong bodies that are able to run much easier.

Give this program and go, and if you need a hand at any stage with it, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Download the 12 week plan here – Tri Series Beginners Program

Tri Series Beginners Program



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