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How To Buy Christmas Gifts Mindfully

How To Buy Christmas Gifts Mindfully


If you’re the very organised type, you’ve probably completed your Christmas shopping already or at least have a very detailed list. If you’re like the majority, you’re putting it off until you have the time or until you’ve figured out what to buy that difficult uncle of yours.

This usually means it will be a mad rush searching aimlessly around a department store, grabbing whatever you first lay your eyes on. Not only are your stress levels going through the roof, you’re also more likely to grab something cheap, generic and with little meaning.

Every year we see an increase in the amount of money people spend at Christmas. I don’t know about you, but each year there seems to be way more stuff under the tree.

While I’m not suggesting you should consider erasing some of your beloved family members off your list, perhaps this year it’s worth finding something more authentic and meaningful by shopping more mindfully.


Tips to help you buy more mindfully this Christmas


Start shopping early

If you’re starting and finishing your shopping on Christmas eve, chances are you’re going to be making poor decisions on the run. When we shop frantically, there’s less thought put into each present and we begin to lose the meaning of giving. You’re also likely to be adding to the pile of unwanted gifts that is getting bigger and bigger each year.

Invest some time into thinking of gift ideas for each person on your list. The earlier you start this, the better!


Choose experiences over stuff

The world is full of stuff, its everywhere. So instead of buying things, why not think about experiences. Spend time with people and create memories. Gifts don’t have to be objects, instead they can be an experience.


Practice self-care

When we’re stressed, every decision we make is affected. During this time, we’re usually feeling a little rundown, but our job list seems to be continually mounting. A little self-care during the festive season can really go a long way. You can read more about looking after your wellbeing here.


Make one ethical choice

Christmas is all about fun, spending time with family, being grateful for what we have and of course giving to others. To celebrate Christmas more mindfully, this year consider making one ethical choice. It could be as small as cooking a free-range turkey, buying a charity Christmas tree or choosing recycled wrapping paper.


Support the little man

Over the years many people have supported charity funds, but the reality is that doesn’t suit everyone who is giving or receiving. There are so many other ways you can give more mindfully, including supporting the little man.

Buying items directly from a craftsman at a market, a designer at their clothes store, or an artist is a great way to give back and enhance the story behind your gift.


Shop locally

In New Zealand, we’re lucky we have an abundance of talented creatives, so shopping locally is incredibly easy. By shopping locally you’re supporting your community and buying a product that has a connection to you. Think about how much easier shopping could be if you went with a well-organised list and to just a few local shops!

If you don’t have much choice in your local area, consider your country as your local. Buying on websites such as Etsy is a great way to shop from the comfort of your living room, while still supporting New Zealand makers, designers and local production.

Ending the year of a more mindful note will put you in the right frame of mind when the new year rolls in. It’s not about trying to save the world, being heroic or ramming an ethical decision down your loved one’s throat. It’s simply about you being knowing you’ve shopped thoughtfully and given a little back along the way.