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There is something about being a personal trainer. When I meet people and tell them what I do, I almost instantly get the reply "I should do more exercise", then the next one usually to come out of their mouth is "I just don't have time", "I have a full time job, kids at home, partner....just can't find the time"...

Somewhere along the line a message got put out there that women should train differently to men. That women should lift pink dumbbells, do step classes, chronic cardio and get a glow on. That women are suited more to the treadmill than the barbell...

swiss ball workouts for menSwiss balls are fantastic. These workouts are great for both Men and Women. First of all you want to find a great quality Swiss ball. The ones I would recommend are the dura balls, which world leading Exercise kinesologist Paul Chek developed. The reason these are so fantastic is they are anti burst. So when it comes to you lifting heavy weights and using your swiss ball, you want to trust that it won't burst on you. If these balls puncture they deflate slowly rather than burst.

online workouts for menHere is a list of some great exercises to tone your shoulders and back.  Work them correctly and you will  get results. Also if you do this circuit I have below, you will burn more calories in a short time frame and get toned quicker! That is of course what we all want. This is a wee taste of what is in the online gym. Online workouts for men and women!

I get asked all the time by people who work from home, or from those that don't have time or the opportunity to head to a gym. They want to be able to get in shape in there own back yard. This is my whole reason for creating the online gym and the BR30 program. Its giving you all the tools you need to help you get in shape from nutrition, fitness through to lifestyle factors.

  I often hear from clients:
  • 'how can I get abs?'
  • 'I want to get lean like her'.
  • 'I want to have a gap between my thighs'.
Goals are important, but the right type of goals are more important in my eyes. 

Life has gotten chaotic and those days when you were able to put aside time to work out seem to be long gone. The emails, phone calls, friends, family, work, facebook, TV and to-do lists have just taken over and you know it! You aren't feeling your best, you are emotional, foggy brained, muscles feel soft, your back aches, your joints squeek, you're fatigued, tired and you just feel blah! So how do you get out of this rut?

We all want to burn fat! Here are my Top Tips for Fat Burning. If you want to be healthy and  full of energy then read on. In order to lose fat we need a training  program that will help you achieve your ideal body composition and be able to maintain it. So getting results and that will give you results for the long term.