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Today is all about toning those legs and bum. You can make this workout as simple or as hard as you like. Add weights to make it harder. Start off simple if you are just getting into exercising. Lunges
  1. Kneel on floor and step one foot out in front.
  2. Set up by making a 90 degree square between your legs.
  3. Tuck back toes under and push up.
Ways to make this harder. Add weights, step forward and back, pulse, jump lunge.

Cardio - You read about it everywhere and it is one of the most well used phrases in most gyms. 30 minutes of cardio at approx 70% of your max to burn body fat at the end of your weights session is now a very old school approach. It's time for you to rethink your cardio training!

I used to run, I believed I had to in order to lose weight. I thought it was the only way to get lean toned legs and strip the fat off my body. So I would pound the pavements at least 3 x per week for 30 minutes and try at least once a week to push past one hour of running.

Here is a list of some great upper body exercises for women and a perfect circuit for you to do. This will tone and tighten all the muscles of the upper body. Also if you do this circuit I have below, you will burn more calories in a short time frame and get results quicker! That is of course what we all want.

Today we want to get our core in shape (thats the middle part of your body)  Here is a short circuit for you to at any time, no excuses! Crunch with knee tuck
  1. Tuck chin to chest, and reach arms up over shin.
  2. Option is to have bottom leg bent, and touch it on the floor.
  3. Think of sliding rib cage to hip bones.

Ask any athlete what is a foam roller is and they will tell you. It is a common tool used amongst sport people to do self massage and stretch. But it also may be used as a tool for strength training. Today nearly every sport conditioning or athletic room will have some form of foam roller.

What is a Resistance Tube? Resistance tubes are on their way up. Firstly because they are affordable and secondly because they work. In today's world we are moving away from bulky gym equipment and machines, and moving our bodies the way they are designed to move. Even better than this, moving this way is getting results and it works!

80 releases later, and its still on fire!!! The original Les Mills barbell class, that has stood the test of time. If you want to be leaner, meaner and oh so much hotter! This is how you do it. Include Bodypump into your week. One, two, three times and you will see results! One is better than none, two is better than one, three will get you there faster.

So want to find that all important and loving feeling through your abs...this will get into them all.10 Minute Foreverfit Ab Circuit. Alternating Mountain Climbers  Start in plank position on hands and toes, facing floor. Then bring one knee across to outside opposite elbow. Option is to do this on knees and go slower. Aim is to challenge intensity through speed. Do as many as you can. Wider the hands the harder it is.

RPM is Awesome!! Intense, fast workout that gets results.

RPM is a Les Mills class based on a stationary bike. It is only 35 minutes of work with a warm up track, and two cool down tracks so total of 45mins in a class. If you are after a cardio workout that you will really sweat in, then this is it! A total of 850 calories can be burnt in the short time frame of the class and even better than this, because of the intensity and the interval training, then harder you work in the class, the more you body will burn more calories the rest of your day. Its just as good as a great business savings hard for the class and the body will keep working when you rest.

What is it? Why do I teach it?

Body balance is a Les Mills program that combines Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates to fantastic music for a 55 minute workout.  Les Mills is taught throughout the world in hundreds of thousands of gyms, so because of that Les Mills keeps everything up to date and are leaders in there market. Every three months as an instructor we are bought new moves, new information, and new music that has has been researched to be right on the mark and we bring this to you no matter where in the world, the latest.