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Have you had one of those months where you have lost control of your time and seem to be rushing from one thing to the next? Yet at the end of the day you feel like you still haven't achieved anything. Then low and behold come the weekend you start to notice a few allergies or snuffles creeping in. You know you have had a stressful week, you know you are run down, you know you have been running on that endless treadmill all week, but how do you stop it? How do you bring order back into your day?

Your legacy is something that can be remembered about you. It describes a way in which you live your life. This question is designed to help you find focus and clarity in your days. It helps us become organized and plan our days, weeks, months and years. When you have an over riding core value or dream, it becomes clear as to what decisions to make. A legacy helps you focus in on what is important.

In order to run a healthy body we need to balance out the Yin with the Yang. We need to balance out things that take energy from us with things that give us energy. Meditation gives you energy. With our busy lifestyles many people feel  overwhelming stress and feel they lack time. Each day feels a constant battle and an emotional stress. Too often it feels like there isn't enough time in each day to get everything done. This leads us to get more stressed, tired, emotional, sick and unhappy. 

Ever wondered what all those ingredients are in your skin care? I do...then I wonder what it is doing to my body. It is pretty scary to think what some of the ingredients are that do go into cosmetics. Also, what are the long term affects from putting this on your face each day?

  My opinion on sunscreen may not be yours, and thats fine. However I do want to give you the options so you can make a educated decision for yourself on whether or not to use it, when to use it, and what sort to use.

I just wanted to take the time to check in and thank you for your support over my first year of launching Foreverfit. 2012 has been amazing!!! I have been through some huge changes and had an absolutely fantastic year. I couldn't have done it without the support of my amazing fiancé and the tech man behind Foreverfit, my beautiful Ben a.k.a and without the support of my fantastic community that foreverfit has formed.

Diet Tips for surviving the Holiday Season

Don't blow out and just think you can eat anything and everything on Xmas.  You can undo all your hard work and training in just a few weeks of the holidays. Your body physiologically starts to loose its fitness after 7 days of no training. So keep the training up even if only 1-2 times a week during this holiday season, you will be glad you did come early Jan. Enjoy everything that the holidays brings, nibbles and treats and gatherings around the table with wine and more gorgeous food. Just be aware of the amount you are eating. Life is short - food and wine are there to be enjoyed, but don't over do it.

It's your birthday. The one day of the year that is yours. Birthdays make you think about your life. They make you reflect, even if you don't want to. It was this time last year when I completely redesigned my life. I decided I wanted to create a new me, a new lifestyle, so one year down the track, it's my birthday again and I am on that journey. What have I learnt?

Last weekend, we took ourselves away from technology and opted for a get away to chillax (mashup of chill out and relax) recharge and refocus. This is one thing we havn't been able to do in a long time due to the way our lives have been for the past few years. However times are changing and we both now live in the same city! So we are opting for a more well rounded lifestyle, including little get aways for a couple of nights every now and then to just appreciate the simple things.

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