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Diets are everywhere. You don't need to go far to find someone who is trying a new diet out. You already know I hate the word diet and what comes with that. Instead I want to give you the information so that you can understand why eating a nutrient dense diet is what you are after. A diet that is packed full of power so that you fuel your body for each day.

Diet Tips for surviving the Holiday Season

Don't blow out and just think you can eat anything and everything on Xmas.  You can undo all your hard work and training in just a few weeks of the holidays. Your body physiologically starts to loose its fitness after 7 days of no training. So keep the training up even if only 1-2 times a week during this holiday season, you will be glad you did come early Jan. Enjoy everything that the holidays brings, nibbles and treats and gatherings around the table with wine and more gorgeous food. Just be aware of the amount you are eating. Life is short - food and wine are there to be enjoyed, but don't over do it.

Bone broth has been part of my healing diet for the last year, and I am so glad. I hadn't really ever thought of it as something to value or even try until I had my own digestive issues. I drink some pretty much every day now. I love to have it for breakfast or just as I am thinking what to cook for dinner. It really is a soothing feeling when you drink a warm cup of delicious bone broth, you almost feel it healing and soothing your body from the inside out.

  I believe that almost everyone has some degree of sensitivity to gluten. I have also heard that almost all blondes with blue eyes definitely do! Go figure. However don't just go by what I believe. Go by what your body tells you. If you aren't sure what your body is telling you then maybe this study is worth a read to prove to you that gluten intolerance does exist and is a leading cause to many problems we are faced with today.

If you cut dairy out of your diet, it is guaranteed you will get asked about calcium. "Where do you get your calcium from?" "Don't you need milk for calcium?" Yes milk does have calcium. Yes calcium is needed for bone health. But there is so much more to the picture than consuming a glass of milk a day.

For over 5 years I have been on and off dairy foods. Then for the last 10 months I haven't had any dairy except butter. I like to test things just to make sure I am on the right track and doing the right thing. This test didn't quite work out very well!