Chek Zone Exercises - Working In ::

Chek Zone Exercises – Working In

Chek Zone Exercises – Working In

It’s all about creating the right balance in order to achieve ideal health. Your body is not designed for you to continue burning energy, working long hours, managing stressful environments, and having lack of sleep. Though it can handle small amounts, any stress in your life needs to be balanced out with lifestyle changes that build energy and allow your body to replenish and recover. Our body needs the combination of working in and working out exercises.

Chek Zone Exercises – Working In

It’s like a peace sign balance of YIN and YAN. Working out, doing day to day activities, having stressful environments and lack of sleep are all part of the Yin side. Our body is designed to handle stress, this is our adrenaline system and we are set up to do this. But too much is not good. You need to balance this out with the YAN side. Sometimes we get ourselves completely out of balance. This means you need to spend some more time working in rather than working out, depending on the severity. You need to take time to build energy in your body. Replenish, recuperate, recover and rebuild those adrenals.


Working In Exercise

Stress is a part of our everyday life, especially in the modern world that we lived in. Sometimes among all of that pressure, the last thing your body needs is further stress and often just the thought of exercising stresses you more plus taking the time out to do it is a whole other stressor, let along gathering up the energy to do it. The great thing is when you look at the whole scheme of things and start to look at exercise in a different view; you can learn to understand that there is a whole other side to exercise. There are some fantastic yet simple exercises you can do that can build energy in your body. This is what I refer to as working in.

“Building energy and vitality in your body is a lot like investing. Just as it takes money to make money, it takes energy to make energy. Your body is a co-dependent, linked system of systems; your circulatory, digestive, hormonal and musculoskeletal systems are all examples. One system cannot function in isolation and all are energy dependent. Yet just like the heating and air conditioning system in your house, they not only use energy, they produce it.”  Paul Chek


Our Body’s Chakras

When you breathe correctly, you fuel your body with oxygen. When combined with certain zone exercises, these movements help deliver that oxygen and your energy to that area. This energy is also known as Prana or chi or Qigong. Breathing- in combined with zone exercises and correct nutrition can provide your body with beneficial energy to the hormonal system, spinal area and organ systems. This is zoned through different zones. If you have heard of the term chakras, you will understand that your body has different zones that relates to different chakras. Chakras are the basis of what Tai Chi, Yoga, and Qigong exercises are built for.



Different Targets of Zone Exercises

Zone Exercises target different chakras in your body. So if you have a stressed digestive system, if you are constipated, having diarrhea, or bloated, doing some zone 3 exercises to generate energy in that area can be exactly what you need. If you have stressed adrenals, zone 1 exercises will be fit for you. And if you have hormonal or menstrual problems, zone 2 and zone 6 can help deliver energy to areas requiring it. Your body has the power to heal, if you just give it the chance. Often we have problems in a certain zone and this can be linked to a larger overriding problem. For example, zone 5 is linked to your metabolism which is also linked to your ability to communicate effectively. Zone 6 which is your sleep and wake cycles are linked to mental congestion, lack of clarity and creativity. This maybe too deep for you to imagine but considering you have 65,000 thoughts in a day and you have control on them, you also have control on helping your body to heal. You just have to be aware and learn how to listen to it. It is really the most intelligent tool you will ever own, so if you look deep into it, it will tell you a lot more than you expect it to.

Table is from :  C.H.E.K Institute Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiology


Part of my own journey to health has been about restoring and rebuilding my own balance. This is why I am so passionate about sharing it with you. I have put in the online gym all the videos of  zone exercises, so you too can balance out your week with working in exercises, as well as, working out exercises. To check it out click here 




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