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Choose A Program Right For You

Choose A Program Right For You

First of all its about knowing what you are going to do, are you doing it as a team or individually and where are you starting from with your fitness.
There are loads of programs in the online gym to help you on this journey

Inside the online gym you get access to all of these programs along with all the nutrition and mindset coaching to help you on the journey. So find a program that is right for you and get off to the best possible start with smart effective training.

Abdominal musclesFun Distance Tri Series Program

This program is for those wanting to do the full fun distance triathlon training. It combines everything from bike, swim and run training. Plus core, strength and mobility work to prevent injury. Full video workouts you can do in your living room, including spin classes for those days when you just run out of time to get out on your bike. A complete 12 week program to set you up for success.



Abdominal musclesIntermediate Tri Series Program

This program here is for those wanting to do the sprint distance and set them selves a challenge. A great balanced program that combines everything you need to train successfully. Full video HD workouts you can do in your living room to accompany your other training. Included is yoga, mobility and strength work to help prevent injury along with video spin classes you can do at home on your wind trainer. Build strength, stamina and endurance with this program. Training shouldn’t take up hours of your day, its about being smart and efficient with your training and this is what this program is about. Systematically designed to set you up for success.


Abdominal musclesStandard Tri Series Training Program

Similar to above, but this program is for the more advance, speed, endurance, strength and stamina are all balanced out with mobility and recovery. Often triathletes think more is best and they just train and train and train. I am about you training smarter and more effectively while still finding time in your day for other things. Don’t spend endless hours pounding the pavements. This program combines all the tools you need to improve all three disciplines and turn up to the event ready to rock and roll! Systematically designed to set you up for success. You can’t improve your race times, if you continue to run day in and day out at the same pace doing the same distance and the same intensity. Get smarter about how you train and improve your fitness, your strength and your race time.


Abdominal musclesCycling Training

Want to compete in a team for the tri series and cycling is your focus? Then this program is for you. Improve your cycling strength, speed and stamina by combining sprint days with endurance work. That combined with functional workouts you do in your living room, mobility and yoga. All the tools to set you up to dominate that bike on race day. Not only that you have got some video HD bike workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home with your wind trainer or stationary bike.



Abdominal musclesSwimming Program

Born to swim or love the water and want to be part of a team for the tri series? Then this program here is to help you improve your swimming fitness. Great for someone just starting out and for those with more base fitness. A balanced program that combines speed with endurance inside the pool or out in the ocean. Combine that with some strength and mobility work and you have a perfect program to get you water fit.



Abdominal musclesRunning Program

This program here is for those wanting to do the running part of the tri series. A great program if you already have a base level of running fitness and you are wanting to improve your speed and endurance. This program combines strength and core work, along side mobility and yoga to help you become a efficient faster runner. Includes all the video workouts you can do in your living room along side your running either on treadmill or outdoors.



Abdominal musclesBeginners Running Program

Been a while since you have run? Been sitting at a desk for far to long recently? Keen to get out and about running but want to take it easy and build that running distance up gradually? Then this program is for you.
You want to allow the muscles and ligaments to adjust and build strength, this is why this program combines your strength, LITE/HIIT workouts along with yoga and lots of walking to help get your body fitter for running. We combine short burst of running to improve strength and fitness, then over the period of the program you will be running 5 k with ease and prevented injury along the way.



All of these programs are in the online gym, with complete weekly schedules and a break down of what do be doing when and where. You also get access to all the video workouts from HIITs, LITEs, Strength, SPIN, Yoga and mobility to go along with your program. Plus all the nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you on the journey. So choose a program and get right on into it.


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