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Cycling Program

Cycling Program

Abdominal musclesThis program is designed for someone who is wanting to train for a cycling event 12 weeks away. There are three cycling sessions per week with HIIT, strength and yoga training to help improve overall fitness on and off the bike.

Its a gradual program and it is combining everything you need to be successful and prevent injury. Where so many people go wrong is that they go to fast to soon, they try and cycle all week and do to much and they don’t balance out there training with strength and core work. This is why this program is different. It is systematically planned so that you don’t burn out, so that you develop strength and so that you can decide one weekend that you would like to a event or a social bike. You will have the fitness and strength to JFDI and enjoy what ever you wish to enter in or just go on a fantastic trial bike through some amazing terrain. The great thing is you only need to add cycling in 3 times per week.

The thing is, less is more. Cycling everyday does not make you a better cyclist, in fact so many top cyclists would only bike 3 times per week and combine this with strength and interval work. The key is to structure your training so that you are working different energy system and getting maximum results. You are wanting to create the right response within your training to get fitter and stronger quicker without burning out. So you are going to be doing the same by following this program. We will gradually increase your strength and endurance and help you be able to run for longer periods of time, and so that cyclings become enjoyable and your body doesn’t get injured or burnt out in the process.

Get access to this complete 12 week program, all the video workouts, including spin workouts you can do at home, nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you train successfully for your first or next cycling event. Sign up today to the online gym.


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