Eating Protein Based Diet Verses Carbohydrate Based? ::

Eating Protein Based Diet Verses Carbohydrate Based?

Eating Protein Based Diet Verses Carbohydrate Based?

Do you know someone who is doing amazing off a vegan based diet?

Do you also know someone who looks a little ill on a vegan diet?

Do you know someone who looks amazing on a protein base diet and they can eat fat and protein they like and look amazing?

Yet you also know someone who is eating a similar diet and they can’t shift any weight and they feel awful??

We are all different, what works for you may not work for your partner or friend. When you eat right for your your body that meal should improve your energy, your mental capacity, your emotional wellbeing and it should last you for a few hours and keep you satisfied. However if you eat the wrong type of food within 15 minutes of eating these things may happen.

      • You still feel hungry and want more even though you are physically full
      • You develop a sweet craving
      • Your energy level drops
      • You feel tired an hour after eating
      • You develop allergies, itchy throat, sneezing
      • You feel emotional, jittery, nervous, angry, or irritable
      • You feel depressed

Food is powerful it builds every single cell in your body and plays a HUGE role in how you look, feel, act and perform. If you are eating wrong for your metabolic needs your body will tell you.

Its about making sure you have the proper combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Getting the right portions and types of foods that work for YOU. Its about making sure you are eating for great digestive health and eating for fuel and energy.

Carbohydrates at night time may help one person sleep, and sleep well through the night, while carbohydrates for another may make them wake up exhausted. Learning to understand your body is the key to finding real health.

Everyone Has Their Own Unique Metabolism

Eating right for your body is different to the blood type diet or any other diet for that matter. One thing I am a huge believer in is that no one person is create equal, we all have different stress levels, metabolic systems, history, work loads, digestive system, food intolerances and training levels. So its about finding out what is right for you. I am about teaching you how to listen to your body, how to adapt foods to make it work for you. Listening and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. Your body is the most intelligent tool you will ever own. When you learn to listen to it correctly, you will discover your blueprint for nutrition. You will learn to tools on how you can tweek your nutrition for optimal health.

What may be very healthy for those around you, may not necessarily be great for you, and vice-versa, and eating according to your metabolic type and what your body is telling you, is really the only way to discover what is really good for you.

Learning to understand your metabolism and your body requires you to learn about yourself, it requires a lot more self awareness than most diets. It requires you to listen to your body and find foods that work for it. This is how you determine YOUR unique diet.

Just as you wouldn’t put petrol in a diesal car, the same theory can be applied to us. Certain foods work better for certain metabolic types.

If you are serious about finding out what foods work for you and learn how you can find out your own nutritional blueprint, then check out the online gym. I have everything in there to help you fine tune your diet, including information on how much carbohydrates, carbohydrate timing and how to find out your metabolic type, plus so much more. New nutrition information added weekly!


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