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Could Your Emotions Be Effecting Your Weightloss?

Could Your Emotions Be Effecting Your Weightloss?

Emotions can effect your entire body. Emotions that cause your body to be stressed are things like worry, anger and fear. These can affect  your bodies hormonal and nervous system. Your body sees stress as stress. It doesn’t matter if that stress is fear of a lion chasing you or your own fear of the future or stress about your weight. Stress is stress. A stressed body increases cortisol and this affects your entire adrenaline system and the way in which your body functions. To much stress over time can cause adrenal fatigue and burn out. To much cortisol causes your body to hold onto body fat and protect itself from that stress. This is where your own emotions could be holding you back from losing weight.

It is up to us to control our emotions, find the triggers and understand that any experience can trigger a positive or negative reaction inside you. If you find you are stressed or worried, what triggered that? What inside you created you to become anxious, worried, stress. What can you do to change to change that experience.

We are so often so worried about our weight, our family, the food we eat, the exercise that we do. You could be doing everything right but if you worry all the time all good efforts could be going to waste because your body is so stressed. A stressed body has high cortisol levels, and high cortisol levels inhibits your bodies ability to burn body fat. So if you are constantly stressing you may not be losing weight.

Often we let our mood effect what we eat, if you are worried you eat, if you are sad you eat.

Do you let your emotions get in the way of what is really right for your body?

Do you emotionally eat?

If so, find out those triggers, find out what put you in that place to reach for food as comfort. Then take control of those triggers. Recognize that they are there and be stronger than them.

We have to create balance in our lives in order to achieve health. This comes through getting the right balance of exercise. Exercise that gets you fit and strong and exercise that gives you energy like yoga, zone exercises. We have to get the right balance between working in verses working out.  Everyone needs there own unique balance. If you lead a stressful life, have a stressful home life and then add to that more high levels of the wrong exercise you are going to struggle with weight loss. You have to find the right balance for you!