FDN Practitioner

FDN Practitioner

FDN practitioner

FDN Practitioner

FDN practitionerAs a CHEK practitioner I think about the body as a holistic symbiotic organism, a system of systems and a complete functional being. If the body is presenting signs and symptoms from the outside there is a mal function in one of the systems internally. So first we need to get to the underlying cause of that mal function. By using lab testing FDN practictioners discover the function of the body in these four parameters

1. Immune function

2. Digestion

3. Detoxification

4. Hormones

FDN practitioners we are health detectives, we seek to identify and correct the underlying causes of a disease instead of treating symptoms.  It is an emerging field and body of work that bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

Once healing opportunities are identified, we engage each client in a process of healing using potent, proven, professional protocols. This holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes. It is a wonderful complement to conventional allopathic medicine, as it goes deeper and gets to the root cause.

The thing to understand is the symptoms that your body is giving you are a signal that something is wrong. Even though it is common to have symptoms, this does not mean symptoms are normal. Symptoms can increase and decrease over periods of time or with medication. However you have to get to the root cause of that symptoms otherwise it will be back, and back with vengeance. As a FDN practitioner we get to the underlying causes of disease and find out what is really on on with the body. By getting to the underlying cause you are able to find healing opportunities for the body.

Stress whether it is internal or external effects the body. A distressed body presents symptoms and we believe that Distress comes in three possible forms

1. Mental/Emotional (perceived or otherwise)
2. Physical/Biochemical (trauma)
3. Chemical/Biochemical (physiological)

These stressors could be obvious or not so obvious, the key is discovering them and removing them.

  • Wrong diet for your metabolic type
  • Inflammatory foods
  • Food additives, pesticides, herbicides etc…
  • Drugs, alcohol, caffeine
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Chemicals, metals, radiation, EMF’s
  • Allergies, over active immune system
  • Exogenous hormones & anti-biotics
  • Parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses (bugs)
  • All the above are interferences and imbalances in one area of he body that have ripple effect in other areas.
FDN practitioners have utmost respect for biochemical individuality, we understand that one persons metabolism is not the same as another persons. We do not diagnose or treat disease (we don’t practice medicine). Instead we seek out and act on those healing opportunities presented to us through lab tests then we work with the bodies innate ability and desire to be healthy. By using the lab tests we find clinical coloration to individual clients and take time to educate and inform our clients on self care, commitment and responsibility to there own health and well being.

Foundation of health revolves around three basic things: 

  1. nutrition or malnutrition, in other words getting the building blocks into your body that the body requires to stay healthy and to repair; 
  2. elimination of toxins; it’s the toxins that are inhibiting their body from repairing, so get them out; and 
  3. stress 

When addressing these three basic principles, most health related problems will fall into line. In essence, “The longer one stays in a state of chronic stress the more compromised all aspects of body function become”. Our goal is to restore malfunction to normal function and see our clients return to vibrant health and vitality.  


We want to help you get well and stay well… naturally!


We do not diagnose or treat disease or practice medicine, we make observations, seek healing opportunities and educate our clients to behave responsibly with their own health.