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Feeding Your Gut: Prebiotics And Why You Need Them In Your Diet

Feeding Your Gut: Prebiotics And Why You Need Them In Your Diet


The foundation to any healthy body is a strong, healthy gut. Today, the gut is considered to be almost as important as our brains and even our hearts for our survival. It’s primarily responsible for the digestion of our food and converting it into vitamins, it aids the absorption of nutrients, and protects us against toxins and pathogens from entering our body.

Many illnesses begin from an unhealthy gut

When your gut malfunctions dysbiosis can occur. This is where toxic bacteria populate the intestinal tract and can lead to numerous health conditions from acne and allergies, to weight gain, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Read all about my journey here with leaky gut aka dysbiosis

There are an estimated 10 trillion little bacteria living inside your gastrointestinal tract. Most of the bacteria species calling your gut home are actually good for your health. When your intestinal flora is thriving, any toxic bacteria or pathogens trying to get in will find it difficult to attack your system.

This is why feeding your gut certain foods that can help strengthen your gut’s beneficial bacteria and enhance its environment is so vital. Enter prebiotics, which are foods that are not digested in the small intestines but are used by bacteria to stimulate their growth and beneficial activity.


In order to feed your good bacteria, you need good bacteria present
The trick is, in order to gain the full benefits of prebiotics, you need to already have good bacteria present. Probiotics are a great way to transplant good bacteria that may have been killed off by certain situations like antibiotic use, stress, diets high in sugar, or illnesses such as IBS. Once they have populated the gut, prebiotics are something you can consume every day, during almost every meal to enhance their survival.

Prebiotics are dietary fibres that can only be consumed by our beneficial gut bacteria. The evil bacteria that is doing what it can to attack your system simply can’t feed off prebiotics to grow in numbers. There are a vast range of foods that are consider prebiotics, so who knows, you may already be supporting your gut in some way. Some of my favourite prebiotics include:

Wholegrain and sprouted grain breads
Apple cider vinegar


Ditching the low-fibre diet can have some unwelcoming consequences in the beginning
If your diet mainly consists of low-fibre foods like white bread sandwiches, pizza and pasta, you need to gradually include prebiotics into your diet. This is because your gut bacteria have been surviving on very little nutrients and chances are they are low in numbers.

When you begin to feed them prebiotics they’ll basically binge in a frenzy and as a result you will have some rather unpleasant side effects like excessive gas and bloating. So go easy, gradually increase your dietary fibre intake so that your gut bacteria become used to you actually feeding them for a change.

As you begin to feed your gut the right foods, you’ll see start to see pleasant results as your intestinal flora begins to thrive. Your skin may become clearer, your energy might pick up, food cravings will probably reduce, and your immune system will strengthen keeping you healthy.



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