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Find Ambition

Find Ambition

What is it that gets YOU out of bed in the morning??

It is so important to know why YOU want to get fit and healthy. Too often there are others around you who make life not so easy. It may be someone you live with, a close friend or a workmate. There are always going to be people who make your life more difficult. People who question your reasons or tell you it is ridiculous.  That’s life. I have been surrounded by people who question what I do, who say that I am wrong or what I want to do won’t work. However, in my heart I know what I believe to be right is right for me!

You have to find what you believe that is right. You have to find what works for YOU! Then you have to be willing to be strong enough to stand for what you believe in. To live by your rules and your own rules only. You only have one opportunity in this life so why would you live by other peoples rules??

NEVER let anyone be little your ambitions. They are yours and yours to own!

If you are surrounded by people who are unsupportive or who mock what you do, find new support. Find the people that are going to help you achieve your goals. If you can’t find those people, don’t worry. The best person to support you is YOU! Love yourself and love your decisions. The more you personally love your decision, the less you will need others approving of your decision. Your heart of hearts will support you.

The most powerful thing you will discover is that the more you believe in your decision and the more you act upon what feels right, the more you will attract those that will support you. However, the more you question it, and the less you believe in it, the more those against it will have an effect on you. Likes attract likes, and positives will attract positives. Be supportive of your own decisions and give others room to support you.