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Free Weekly Home Workout # 3

Free Weekly Home Workout # 3



Your body is designed to move in 7 different primal movement patterns and it is very important for long term health that you keep these movement patterns functioning. They are squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist and your gait. In our every day life we perform some of these actions and often it is one or two that get neglected which then results in imbalances and can cause injury.

So this week I wanted to bring into your free workout 3 of the most neglected movement patterns and help you rebalance the body a little while improving your strength along the way.


Home Workout # 3

10 lunges right leg
10 lunges left leg
10 single leg toe taps
10 single leg toe taps
10 diagonal horse stance pointers
10 russian twists
Repeat circuit 3 times through.


Unsure of what the exercises are?

Want some help with technique?

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