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Free Weekly Home Workout # 4

Free Weekly Home Workout # 4


This workout is great for a hotel or just your living room. It will really boost your heartrate up with the burpees and the squats are great for developing good functional leg strength. Add some weights to the squats to get some extra burn and for beginners just do 4 rounds for time instead of the 7. Remember if this is to much, there are loads of beginner LITE workouts in the online gym to choose from. Get inspired, get motivated and get moving. Your body loves to move and movement creates energy. Move your amazing body and start taking ownership for your health and fitness.


Home Workout # 4

7 squats
7 burpees
7 tricep dips
7 crunches
7 press ups
Repeat circuit 7 times through (beginners 4 times)


Unsure of what the exercises are?

Want some advice on good technique?

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