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Free Weekly Home Workout # 7

Free Weekly Home Workout # 7


One of the best exercise to strengthen your core is a prone hold, also known as a plank/hover. It not only strengthens your abs, but also your entire core unit along with your arms and legs. The key however is to think of it like a full body muscle contraction. Tuck your tail between your legs, squeeze your bottom, push into your forearms and lift up from there and brace your middle. Very easily adjustable by doing against a wall if you have knee problems and also on your knees. You can then advance this further by coming up onto your feet and lifting one arm, one leg or opposites.

Another great exercise for your core is high knees and sprinting, so today we combine all these things for a great workout!

Try this workout out and notice how its strengthens the entire body. To improve your core even more, check out our CORE30 program in the online gym. Awesome to toning and strengthening your entire body with a focus on core strength.


Workout # 7
60 seconds  prone hold (on knees if you need)
60 seconds high knees
30 seconds side plank left
60 seconds high knees
30 seconds side plank right
60 seconds high knees
Repeat this circuit 3 times through for a 15 minute core workout!
Then finish of with 20 second sprint x 6


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Unsure of what the exercises are?

Want some advice on good technique?

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