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Free Weekly Home Workout # 9 (Yin Yoga Full Length Video)

Free Weekly Home Workout # 9 (Yin Yoga Full Length Video)

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Now my whole philosophy isn’t about intense workouts all the time, in fact I am about balancing out effective workouts that don’t take much time with restorative practicing like yoga. One thing I love to include into my week is yoga, now yoga comes in many different styles and forms and within the online gym we include everything from power yoga that strengthens and tones the entire body, through to gentle nourishing yin yoga.

So today I wanted to share with you one of our yin yoga videos, for you to do in the comfort of your living room. This is fantastic for beginners, great to do at the end of a long day and to unwind before you head off to bed. Your body and your mind will feel amazing after this.


Get access to over 100 other yoga videos including more Yin Yoga and bring some nourishment into your week. Life isn’t about going hard all of the time and with the power of yoga combined with effective training you really can transform your health and your fitness.

The online gym has over 500 full length HD video workouts. Programs to suit all levels. Full exercise video library. Then everything from core, yoga, HIITs, LITE, Extremes and mobility work. All the tools to help you create optimal health and well being. Learn more about the online gym here.

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