Gluten And Diary Contain Drugs Like Substances!

Gluten And Diary Contain Drugs Like Substances!

Gluten And Diary Contain Drugs Like Substances!

As a trainer and my own personal experience given up bread and cheese is a really tough battle. I so often get people who come to me and they want to lose weight and feel better and they say “you not going to make me give up bread are you?” or “please tell me I can still eat cheese?” I never hear anyone say ” you not going to make me give up pumpkin are you?”

People get really addicted to these two items, and it isn’t all in their head, they actually do release chemicals in your body that are similar to obiodes in drugs and give you a real sense of feeling good.  Those obiodes are addictive and that hit they get they need often isn’t a actual sense of well being, its a high.

The other thing to understand is that a body that is being fueled with foods that are right for its metabolic type and proportionally balanced doesn’t get cravings.  When you eat correctly the food you eat gives you a since of health and vitality, gives you energy and fuels you, you feel satisfied. Cravings are a sign and symptoms of a imbalance, whether it was a incorrectly balanced last meal, or your blood sugar levels crashing, or your body is craving that next obiode hit from the bread or cheese that it last had.

For me I used to be addicted to cheese toasties, these used to make me get a HIIT in the afternoon, I would be satisfied, however I would crave so much and just want more cheese I also had huge gut problems, allergies and got sick all the time! The problem is often the food that is doing the most damage is often the food that is causing the cravings.

Make sure you check out my post on gluten and diary here to understand why I recommend to those with an intolerance gluten to also cut out diary. Read it here. 

So why can I eat it now?

The reason so many can consume it without any severe reaction is simply because the gut has given up on the severity of the acute reactions and now it is putting up immune response through allergies, and digestive issues. For someone who cuts out dairy for 30 days if they are intolerant often the allergies will disappear and energy will pick up. Then when they go to test the body they will get a really acute reaction that they body may not of done in the past because of the constant over exposure to it.

The key is to learn to listen to your body, understand what real health feels like and understanding what symptoms to be aware of. The is no one diet that is right for everyone. Diary can be great for some people, so to can certain breads. If you are serious about getting healthy and feeling great then it starts by learning to listen to your body and find foods that work for you.

The key is to find out what foods work for you, to fine tune your diet so that it is right for you. We are all different, not one method works for everyone. This is why I have all the information in the online gym on fine tuning your diet and helping you achieve real health. Get inside the online gym and get real results and real health!