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Good Health Choices – Ask The Expert

Good Health Choices – Ask The Expert

GHC # 1This month in Good Health Choices Magazine I was lucky to be on the cover and have a featured article written on me. Something that I feel very grateful for and just loved the experience. Then in my featured article I answered this readers question.


“What is your opinion on calorie counting and weight loss? I have read several of Dr Libby Weavers books and understand her philosophy about not counting calories and instead focusing on whole foods. I eat very healthy with reasonable portion sizes, but I am not losing weight. In the past (mostly when I was in my my 30’s) I could lose weight if I counted calories. Now, at 50, I eat much better but still the weight clins on. Everyone says I look well and my skin and hair are great, but i’m a bit confused. What should I do?”


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