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Fit Tip – Hiits are the Best Workouts to Get Results

Fit Tip – Hiits are the Best Workouts to Get Results

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Hiits Are the Best Workouts to Get Results

Today in Fit tip, it is all about exercise and what kind of exercise actually gives you results?

You already know the terms cardio and resistance training. And now through my online gym you also had known the terms Hiits which is high intensity kind of training. The reason these Hiits are so powerful and they work is because they combine cardio and resistance all into one. So you are really pushing yourself and getting the hard workouts which in turn is giving you all the benefits that you might have from a typical cardio exercise combined resistance training.

Not only that, because you push it in intensity that’s quite high, you are really getting into those fats stores and you’re making sure that your body is burning fats as fuel and not just your carbohydrate stores. It also means that you are not stressing your body at too much from long drawn out cardio.  There are so many things that are involved in fat loss and it’s not just about calories in vs. calories out. It’s about how one response to exercises. It’s about boosting your metabolic rate and increasing your strength. The awesome thing about this Hiits is that it caters for all of that. You are getting the right stimulus, you’re receiving the right amount of intensity and you are able to fit them into your day. There is absolutely no excuses, you don’t even have to think about it you just have to find yourself 12mins or 8mins on some days if you’ve got only that amount of time and just really push that intensity and get that body working because that’s when you going to get results. You don’t need to think about going for long slow jogs to burn fats like the typical cardio gym program, its much different now since we can get the result in a short time frame, it’s just up to you to really push yourself and challenge yourself, then you’ll get the result. And when you eat clean and healthy it will all just fall into place.

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