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How Long Does It Take To Heal Perioral Dermatitis

How Long Does It Take To Heal Perioral Dermatitis

How Long Does It Take To Heal Perioral Dermatitis

There is nothing like a rash on your face to make you realize something deeper is going on with your body. Now when I look back on it I see my perioral dermatitis as a real blessing in disguise because the truth is I could put up with and hide the irregular cycles, the excessive fatigue and bouts of candida but when you have something on their face that you look at every day and you can’t cover it up, hide it or just ignore it. It makes you listen up and start to really fix what is going on.

Now I had tried lots of things and been to many different doctors and skin specialists and a lot of them had great advice, but most of them just wanted to give me a cream or pill and I had done that in the past and it would just raise its ugly head again. So with this last bout that I got, it was angry, annoyed, hot and it really started to affect my confidence.  Afterall I was about helping people be healthy and when you skin isn’t healthy, to me this is along the same lines as an overweight personal trainer. You need to walk the talk so this time I decided to really dig deep and find out why this was happening, how to fix it and get rid of it for good. I didn’t want to do a bandaid approach again and just cross my fingers that it wouldn’t come back. I’d been there and crossing your fingers and quick fixes didn’t work for me.

My body needed to heal, it needed a change and it needed me to take care of it. If you havn’t already check out my posts I did here and find out what caused my perioral dermatitis and how I started my healing journey.

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How Long Does It Take To Heal Perioral Dermatitis

I am now 3 years down the track and I havn’t had a flare up of perioral dermatitis for over 2 years now which is great. So I have done some incredible healing and by skin is the best it has ever been. Not only has my PD gone, but my Keratosis Pilaris has improved dramatically to.

My perioral dermatitis was a symptom of my leaky gut and when you have a damaged gut you are creating an environment that bacteria and fungal infections thrive in. So if I were to just treat the candida I would continue to have this environment for these guys to dominate, because my gut health would still be poor. So with lots of time and patience my goal was to create an environment in my gut where things were in balance. Good bacteria thrived and candida was in balance. It was only then that my skin healed.

This process for me took around 6 months for my skin to completely clear and have no more flare ups and still to this day I am still taking care of my fatigue levels, but hormones and skin are all back to normal. Over those 6 months there were definite highs and lows. Things like stress, poor sleep and even cold air could flare it up and then there would be days when it would just feel great. Slowly but surely I would have more better days then bad ones and eventually the time between flare ups got better. One thing that helped was a simple diary, so when I had bad days and I would remind myself that it was only 5 days ago that I had everything right and things were working, so stay on this path and keep moving forward. We can often get caught up in the moment and just want to give up, but a diary is really valuable.


Trust the process

To often we are looking for quick fixes and things to happen over night and I have been there. I had blinkers on for years. I would go to the doctor and just want a cream or pill to take and I wanted them to fix it for me. The truth is they can’t fix it for you, you need to do the work. It wasn’t until I started to take ownership of my body and how I was treating it that I started to notice the changes.

Know that healing takes time and no matter what step you decide to take believe in it and whole heartedly trust the process. For me it was doing an complete autoimmune protocol, healing my leaky gut and really nourishing my body. Taking care of it from the inside out and having patience. I get it, when you look at something each and every day like a rash on the face you just want it gone and you want someone to take it away for you. Remember though that this is just a symptom and by putting a bandaid over it you aren’t really dealing with the real issue. Try the creams and the pills if you want, im not against them, I just know that that approach hadn’t worked for me in the past so it was time to go deeper.

So start to take care of your body from the inside out, healing your Perioral Dermatitis once and for all could take 1 month or 6 months, we are all different. When you understand what has caused it and you heal the body from the inside out that journey becomes much easier and you will be grateful that you took the time and you put in the work. You never know what else you might heal in the process.


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