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How To Biohack Your Sleep

How To Biohack Your Sleep

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I have just taken over facilitation of The Smoothie Club so I wanted to kick things off with meeting everyone and discussing all things sleep. I gave an insight into why we need to value our sleep more and how our body works in relation to it.

I gave lots of useful and helpful tips on how to ensure you get a great night sleep by understanding the natural hormonal balance of the body and how this works in relation to our circadian rhythm. By getting a great night sleep you are improving your body in more ways than you know. To finish the night off we had a fabulous coconut and almond green smoothie.

The video of ‘How To Biohack Your Sleep is available within the online gym. You have unlimited access to it and can download it to your computer if you wish. Get access to all The Smoothie Club videos along with everything else the online gym has to offer.


In this 53 minute video you will discover…

  • What happens to your body when you have chronic lack of sleep
  • How to avoid waking up groggy and increase your productivity during the day
  • Foods to avoid in order to help you get a better sleep
  • How to make sure you never struggle to get to sleep ever again

and many more tips and tricks to improve your quality of sleep, which will improve your quality of life.

Checkout the dates of our next Smoothie Club meeting. Come and join us in person or online within the online gym!


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