How To Destroy Your Metabolism

How To Destroy Your Metabolism

How To Destroy Your Metabolism

There are many ways you can boost your metabolism, and there are many ways you can destroy it and slow it down. The key to finding good health and energy is very dependent on how well your body utilizes food as fuel, how quickly  it can break down food and deliver it as energy and fuel to the body. There are so many different diets, exercise regimes, pills, potions, foods out there that could be messing this simple process up for you. Take a look at some of the top ones I have listed.


1. Miss breakfast

The most important meal of your day is breakfast, this sets your body up for the day, and provides your body with fuel for energy throughout the day. I believe for females this is so incredibly important. Males can get away with a little intermittent fasting here and there, but for females regular meals and breakfast is crucial if they want to create the right hormonal environment for fat burning. Our bodies work on rhythms and routines. They have a natural body clock, keep that clock in check and you allow the body to create energy. Mess it up with fasting for to long and the body goes into shut down.

2. Not enough sleep

Sleep is crucial for recovery and repair. If you are doing any sort of metabolic conditioning or training sleep is the sure fire way to ensure your results turn up. If you want to sabotage your results, fuel your self with coffee and get inadequate sleep. When you train correctly every thing happens while your body is resting. You need to ensure you are setting it up for success and making sure you are getting 8-9 hours of deep quality sleep. The more tired your body is, the slower your metabolism will be.

3. Consume hidden sugar

Sugar affects insulin levels and insulin affects your bodies ability to burn body fat. The more sugar you consume the more you are teaching your body to run off sugar and the more sugar you need and crave. Packaged foods and “healthy labeled” foods are riddled with hidden sugar. As soon as food manufacturers take away fat from a food, they add in sugar for flavor. So anything that is labeled low fat, check out the sugar content. Removing hidden sugar is an important step towards stabilizing metabolism. Natural sugar that exists in fruits and vegetables can play an important part in nutrition. Macronutrient timing and position can also help you optimize fat burning and boost your metabolism.

4. Eat low fat

Like I mentioned above, take away the fat and you will see added sugar in packaged foods. Our body need good quality fats to have optimal health. Every single hormonal reaction requires fat. You cut that out and you are messing with your bodies natural processes. This is going to affect your metabolism, mood, skin health and hormones. Without fat in your diet you will feel flat, tired, lethargic, depressed, moody, crave foods……The list is endless. We need good quality fats.

5. To much caffeine

Caffeine can boost some peoples metabolism and destroy others. The key is understanding what it is doing for you. Check out my post I did here on coffee. If you lead a stressful life, suffer from any adrenal fatigue, digestive issues or sleep deprived, then coffee should be avoided. The more stressed and tired your body is the slower your metabolism will be and the more you will crave carbs and sugar and more caffeine.

6. Never change your training

Your body needs to be challenged to change. If you keep doing the same old thing, you will get the same old results. You need to ensure you are periodizing your training. Stepping it up when appropriate and taking time out when appropriate. We can’t always expect everything and always continue to smash your body.  Just as you can’t expect it to change if you continue to run the same 5k run each day. You body gets used to what is expected of it. You need to have times where you take intensity up and balance this with times when you bring intensity down.

7. Not enough water

Every single cell reaction in our body required hydration. As soon as you get dehydrated your body slows down. This includes your metabolism. Drinking adequate good quality water plays a huge role in the health of your body and in you getting results.

8. Only cardio

Heard the phrase skinny fat?? This is a cardio body. In order to burn body fat and tone up you need to use your muslces. Doing just cardio doesn’t. Not only that endless hours of cardio can cause your body to increase cortisol and hold body fat while breaking down existing muscles…ekk!!  Boost your metabolism by doing metabolic conditioning workouts like HIITs, EXTREMES. Supplement that with resistance training like sculpt and tones, core, power yoga and you will boost metabolism, build lean muscle and burn body fat.


If you are wanting to increase your metabolism and have your body set up as a fat burner, then you need to get food that is right for YOU. You need to discover what works for your body and fuel it with real food. This is why I created the online gym and why I have such and emphasis on nutrition there.  Join the online gym and get help with your online personal trainer every step of the way.






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