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How To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Day

How To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Day

Discover How You Can Fit Exercise In When You Are Busy


One of the biggest dilemmas in our lives today, is that we are too busy. For some, it seems virtually impossible to find time for exercise. In fact, I am sure it is the number one excuse for people not working out. That is not to say, I don’t understand or sympathise – I do, which is why I want to suggest some ways you can include exercise into your life even when you are crazy busy!


Turn your commute into a workout

Heading into work in your car may be more comfortable, or a trip on public transport may mean you can read a book, but if you are struggling to find time for exercise switch it with your sneakers! If you know you can’t make your usual workout, run or cycle to work instead if its close enough.

If you don’t have access to showers at the office, just do it on your way home. And if the distance is too far, simply get off your bus or train a few stops before yours so you know you will make it home! No excuse!


Switch off from technology

An incredible amount of time is often wasted sitting in front of the TV, surfing the internet or checking Facebook. Don’t think you are spending too much time on technology? Try recording how much time you are spending in front of the screen.

Just 5 minutes here and there, can add up quickly into an hour or more each day. Switch off and you might just find time for exercise!


Set your alarm earlier

Sleep is really important for your health and wellbeing, but by heading to bed 30 minutes or so earlier at night will mean you can get up earlier without feeling so sleep deprived. Exercising first thing in the morning can help you kick start your metabolism and give you a boost in energy, not to mention you get it over and done with early on.

Now, I know that we are not all morning people but if you are struggling to find time for exercise, consider persevering with an am session until your body clock adjusts. Leaving exercise to the evening provides you with way more excuses to skip it.


Swap your coffee dates with an activity

Instead of arranging to meet you girlfriend for a coffee or your partner for a movie, organise a date where you can be more active. Swap your coffee catch up with a walk in the local park and the movie with an afternoon hike. Pick anything that gets you moving!


Block out your calendar

You wouldn’t bail on your GP appointment or that important business meeting, so why ditch your workout? Working out should be given the same priority and respect. Instead of just thinking ‘I’m going to a spin class at 8am tomorrow’, put it in your calendar and treat it like any other appointment you can’t afford to miss.


Utilise your lunch break

Let’s be honest, 60 minutes could be used more wisely than sitting and reading a newspaper while eating lunch! Why, not do a 30 minute high intensity workout or jog before you have your lunch? Not only will this mean you are killing some calories, it will also make you more productive and alert for the rest of the day.


Make housework a part of your workout

Exercise can be done pretty much anywhere and if you are struggling to find time for exercise than you need to take every opportunity you get. Try get your heart rate up whilst doing the housework by being as quick-paced as possible. Stop and do 20 squats while you are vacuuming or some push-ups while you are dusting. The key is to increase you level of activity during your routine tasks.


Make it enjoyable

It is very hard to make time for things you don’t like doing, so choosing a form of exercise that you actually enjoy will make a difference. If you look forward to working out, whether it is doing yoga, going for a run or hitting it out in a boxing session, you are more likely to make it a priority.

I know time is precious, but so to is your body and your health and the truth is your body is craving you to move more. Start to look at ways you can make your days more active. How can you improve your daily habits to bring more exercise into your life? You will always feel better after a workout.


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