How To Get My Husband To Eat Healthy ::

How To Get My Husband To Eat Healthy

How To Get My Husband To Eat Healthy

You are reading this because you are either already eating clean and making great choices or you are thinking about it. I bet though that you know someone who you really want to share what you are learning with, but they just aren’t ready to listen. It may be your husband, boyfriend or kids. How do you get them to want to learn the same information?

You Cannot Teach Those Who Do Not Wish To Listen

Until someone is ready to listen they won’t listen. However what you can do especially for those that live in the same house as you is you can start with little steps in the right direction. If it is your partner or your kids and you are preparing their meals, then you have a lot of power.

So by just providing them with food that is clean and nutritious, you know is going to be benefiting them. The more you do that and the more creative and nourishing the food, the more they will start to feel great. I know this is easier said then done, but it’s worth it.


Teach Your Husband, Boyfriend, Family By Your Actions

By making healthy options for snacks and removing what you don’t want in the house, you are helping them make the steps in the right direction. They will begin to feel better, they will also begin to notice what happens when they don’t eat your home cooked nourishing meals and instead they head out for pizza and ice cream! They may or may not care how they feel after it initially, but one day they will click and you will be ready to show them why the food that you eat makes a difference.

So don’t stress or get wound up that your partner or family aren’t on your side and aren’t ready to make changes. That’s okay. Don’t bang on about it each and every day to them either. This is more likely to push them further from it. Be the example instead and don’t even mention it unless they ask about it.

Learn for yourself and enjoy for yourself, and then share your knowledge by doing. Provide amazing food that leaves everyone feeling amazing. Get active with your family and partner, enjoy life and play a little more. Create the life that you want for yourself and share it with those around you.


Sooner Or Later People Will Get Curious

Answer questions when they ask, because they will get curious. Prepare healthy delicious food for them and show them how healthy and full of life you are. Teach your husband, boyfriend, friends and family by doing not by telling. This is when they listen and then they ask, and then they will start to eat healthy on their own.

Sometimes words aren’t heard but actions most definitely are.


Are you finding it hard to get your partner, family or friends to understand your clean eating and its benefits? What issues are you facing with getting others to eat the way you do? Let me know below…