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How To Love Your Body And The Skin You Are In

How To Love Your Body And The Skin You Are In

How To Love Your Body And The Skin You Are InAn incredible 96 percent of women will say something negative to themselves about their bodies today.  And don’t think being critical about your body is just reserved for women, more and more men are focusing on the things they hate about their body and less but the positives.   So if you are not feeling that thrilled about your reflection in the mirror, you’re not alone.  Loving your body and the skin you are in is a process and can take time, but I am here to share some tips that might help you to improving how you feel about yourself

Stop comparing yourself to others

How often do you find yourself comparing your body to your friends, an actor in your favourite TV show or that model in the latest fragrance campaign?  There is only one you and your body does amazing things for you.  You need to stop making comparisons and instead thank your body for allowing you to do all things you do instead of what it does or doesn’t look like. Comparing yourself to an image of a model in a magazine is not realistic!

Get to know your body

One way to keep up the negative body image is to avoid looking at your body and acknowledging the things you like and would like to change – lumps, bumps and all.  In order to improve your body you need to curb the negative cycle.  You know 45 percent of women who are of a healthy weight think they are overweight and 23 percent men feel the same. So spend more time with your own body and get to know it for what it is.  Walk around naked, look in the mirror rather than cover it up and spend more time accepting your physical appearance. Have a bath, spoil yourself with a body treatment or simply apply some great natural moisturiser to your skin.  Spending the time to love your body will help you improve your body image in the long run.

Stop the negative back chat

It has become the norm to many of us to criticise our bodies and so much so that we don’t even recognise how often we do it! I bet you are surprise at how many time a negative thought crosses our minds or the words pass our lips.  If this sounds like you, set up a jar and for every time you engage in some negative back chat about your body or appearance drop a coin in.  At the end of the month count up the money and put it towards something just for you like a new outfit, a massage or a fancy dinner out with a friend.

Dress for your size today

Do you have a few items hanging in your wardrobe that don’t fit anymore, but you are holding onto them so you can be inspired to fit into them again? Sound familiar? It might sound like it’s something trivial, but it can be deflating when you try them on not being about to do the zip up time and time again.  Donate what doesn’t fit and start dressing for your size you are today.  Also put a little bit more effort in.  You would be amazed at how just taking a little extra time and care to your appearance will help increase your self-esteem and body image. 

Exercise of the love of it

People with a poor body image tend to exercise because they feel like they have to, not because they want to or enjoy it.  If you feel like you are in a rut with your regimen, then it is time to change it up! Exercise should be fun and enjoyable and you will feel better after your endorphins are flowing and you have sweated it up with a smile of your face. 

Nourish your body

Eating natural, fresh healthy food will not only be great for your health but it will also make you actually feel happier and more energized.  Processed, sugary foods can make you feel sluggish and lazy and in turn affect your mood and body image.  Start looking at food as a way to nourish your body and your soul rather than just as a means to cure hunger.

Learning to love your body could be one of the best things you will do for yourself this year.  Give yourself a break and start working on loving what you have rather than setting such high expectations of yourself and comparing yourself to others.

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