7 Tips to stay motivated when stress is in the way

How To Stay Motivated When Stress Is In The Way

How To Stay Motivated When Stress Is In The Way

Here Are Some Tips On How To Stay Motivated When Stress Is In The Way


We have all had the feeling of being on track and then falling off track. What causes that to happen? Well, your body can only handle so much, too much stress will cause you to lose energy and motivation.

So the best thing you can do is be completely aware that all this happening. Acknowledge that you are mentally drained and it has caused you to be stressed, which has zapped your motivation and willingness to get back on track or do anything other than what you have to do.

Once you become aware of this, you need to realize it and know how to get back on the path.

How can you fill your glass up again?

These seven steps can be used every day if needed. It’s important to just become aware of what causes things to happen and take control of them, so you can stay in charge of your life and where you want to head. Don’t let stress or other people issues affect the way you want to feel.


  1. Take a moment, take a big deep breathe and just acknowledge you are off your path, you are stressed and full of excuses and no motivation.
  2. Ask yourself how can you get your energy back up. Food is fuel, so focus on getting nourishing food that will fuel you mentally and physically. Healthy nutritious food to help increase vitamins and minerals in your body and help my body recover from the stress and repair itself. If you eat crap, your body can’t digest it and you will feel like crap.
  3. Hydrate – 100% of your cells are dependent on water. Keep them topped up. Billions of cells are replaced every second, all of them requiring water, so if they don’t get it they are going to feel worse. If you are feeling flat, sad, unmotivated, tired, be aware that water is going to help you feel more energized and help you be more motivated. Take responsibility for it and fix it. Eat and hydrate.
  4. Sleep. Now that you have got all the right food in your body and you have hydrated, sleep. Your body mentally repairs itself between 2-6am. You need great quality sleep so your body can repair itself and feel better in the morning.
  5. Thoughts. When you wake, start positive. Get rid of anything negative. Avoid the news. Read things that inspire you, motivate you and get you excited for life. Surround yourself with everything positive.
  6. Exercise. Even if just a stretch, find 5 minutes to begin to care for you body again. Start small. Don’t make it too big a deal in your head, just do something little.
  7. Rest and maintenance. Always find time in your day when you can take moments to start this routine again. Any time you feel stress has overtaken and starting to destroy your plans, take a moment to breath, sit, acknowledge and restart.


It is all about routine, finding times in your day when you can take a moment, smell the roses, refresh, reset and look ahead. If you run through your day full steam and don’t take a breath, you will burn out, lose motivation and fall off track. So find a routine so you can fit all these 7 steps into every day, so you can always be aware when stress has crept in.

When you begin to feel stressed, now you have the tools to fix it, let go of it, and move on.



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