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How To Use A Resistance Band With 7 Exercises To Try

How To Use A Resistance Band With 7 Exercises To Try

Learn The Benefits Of A Resistance Band And How To Use It. Plus Some Exercises To Try


Resistance bands are made of strong rubber, they can come with handles or as a thick bands or tubes. The one I am using today is one I use for mobility work. It is a thick band with no ends and because it has two uses this is the one I tend to take away with me. The great thing about them is you can do so many exercises with them and they take up very little space, this means they are great for taking away on holiday or just as your first piece of equipment if you are setting up at home. You can use one like the one I have or one with handles.

If you have never used a resistance band before you may be quite surprised as to how much harder they can make your workouts. Everything from your squats, lunges, chest press and shoulder press can have a whole new dimension by using the band.


Here are some great benefits of using a resistance band : 

61vJ5joxy1L._SY355_1. Very Cost-Effective

Resistance bands are a cheap piece of equipment, like anything though there is cheap and then there is nasty cheap. So do look for a good quality one, I prefer the bands as they have much more uses verses the ones with handles.


2. Suitable For A Range Of Fitness Levels

Resistance tubes come in a vast array of thicknesses. So you can choose how much resistance you need from beginners through to more advanced. You can also really easily adjust the tension on the band by where you place the anchor.


3. Make Simple Exercises Harder

Things like squats with a side leg lift or lunge and row become a whole new ball game with a resistance tube. So you can add some real variety to your exercise you do at home by adding in a resistance tube.


4. Full Body Exercises

Resistance bands are great to get the whole body working and really great for ensuring you are switching on your core. Adding a tube can increase the amount of muscles required to stabilize you, so great for getting a full body workout happening.


5. Take Up Virtually No Space

Resistance bands fold up nicely and can tuck away under your couch and easily pop into your suitcase.


6. Great For Traveling

Take your resistance tube with you on holiday and you have no excuse to not do a workout next time you are away from home.


7. Add More Variety

By incorporating a new piece of equipment into your home gym, you instantly can add in more exercises to your workout regime.


Here are some exercises for you to try using your resistance tube. Great full body workout, start with a tube thickness that is right for you. You want to make the last few reps a challenge. Do this as a circuit 2 times through to begin with and if you have a handled resistance tube where I place my hands in each exercise is where your handles go.



Great for toning and strengthening your glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Stand onto the tube with your feet shoulder distance apart with toes pointing forward. Hold the top of the tube at hip distance pulling tension onto the tube. Squat down low and resist the tube on the way up. It will feel easier on the way down, your aim is to maintain good neutral spine as you resist tube on the way back up. Brace core and ensure knees stay behind line of toes.



Bent Over Row

Great for strengthening your upper back and improving your posture. 

Stand into the band with your feet wider than your hips.
Bend forward until you are at 45-degree angle position with your back.
Pull the band up your lower ribs, maintaining a strong back and spin. Repeat this move 10 times.



Chest Press

Strengthen your chest and arms. 

Lie down on your back with the tube underneath your shoulder and hold each end of the tube. Push your hands towards the ceiling and bring down slowly. Repeat 10 times.



Biceps Curl

Great for toning and strengthening your biceps and arms. Also will work your core at the same time, when you create that strong neutral spine.

While standing on the band take a hold of the end of the tube.
Slowly curl up your hands towards your shoulders and ensure you remain still through your back. Lower down slowly and repeat this move 10 times.



Lunging Single Arm Chest Press

Great for working your chest and stabilizer muscles of your back

Attach your tube to a door handle, table leg or tow ball of a car.
Then take one end of the tube and stand with a split stance or lunge.
Then push the tube forward without twisting through your back. You can then combine the lunge down with the push on the way up. Or just remain in a static lunge position.



Overhead Press

Great for toning the shoulders and upper back muscles.

Stand over the tube with one foot and hold the other end with hand. Turn wrist so its forward and you can push up. Bring your hand to your shoulder height and then push up to the sky. Lower down smoothly and repeat. If you have a tube that isn’t as strong, you can stand into it with both feet and then both hands and push straight up.



Overhead Tricep Extension

Tone the back of your arms with this great exercise

Take a seat on a chair or ground and place the tube underneath your bottom.
Grab a hold of the tube with each hand at the other end and stretch  your arms up. Then bend your elbows to lower down again. Repeat this 10 times.



Uprite Row

Great for toning your shoulders and upper back

Stand into the tube and take a hold of the other end with both hands close to each other. Then pull the tube up and think of bringing elbows to ears. Lower down and repeat. Repeat 10 times



Lunge And Row

Great for toning your legs, arms, shoulders and upper back

Set up into a lunge position and place the tube underneath your front foot.
The more of the tube under your foot the harder it will be.
Then take a hold with the opposite hand and lunge down. As you lunge down, pull the tube to your hip. Lower and repeat 10 times each side.



Lunge And Pull

Great for toning your legs, upper back, shoulders and arms

Hook your tube onto something stable. I used the tow ball of our truck. Then step back and pull tension onto the tube and hold with one hand.
Let that arm straighten as you pull the other elbow back. Start with just this upper body movement. Then once you have got the hang of it, lunge down as you pull the resistance tube back. Repeat this 10 times each side.



V Sit Row

Great for toning your core and upper back.

Place tube under feet, sit on the ground, cross the tube and hold it at the top hip distance apart.  Set up a good neutral spine and brace your core. Keep feet on the ground and lean back just a touch.  Some to a point where you feel you are able to maintain with good control and form. Now row your elbows back and straighten. Anytime you feel this in your back, place feet down and bring body back up to a more uprite position.  Then once you have got the hang of it, lift feet off the ground. Repeat this 10 times.



Side Leg Lifts

Great for toning your legs, glutes and obliques

Lie on your side and place the tube under both of your feet. Then bring the top of the tube into one hand and place that on your hip. Bring your feet so they are hip width apart as your base then push them out and in.  You will feel the resistance on the way out. To make it harder lift the bottom foot off the ground also and bring more resistance onto the tube.  Repeat this 10 times each side.



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