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Is Tired The New Black?

Is Tired The New Black?


Being tired is almost used as much as being busy. Everyone seems to be exhausted. Now some of the reasons for this are metabolic dysfunction, hormone imbalances and a digestive stress, which is what I always talk about. So today I wanted to look at another reason. Could it be that being tired is a new measure of being busy?

The busier you are and the more you have going on in your life the more successful you are supposed to be…..apparently! We are just so busy being busy that lack of sleep or being the only person who can handle 5 hours sleep a night is a measure of success, almost a badge of honour and the sign of a truly successful person or is it?

Sleep is one of the most incredible and valuable things you can do for your body and the more stressed and busy you are the more you need to rest and sleep. However, the problem is if you aren’t aware of it you can’t sleep because you have cortisol pumping through your veins, wiring you to stay awake and keeps you busy. So when you head to your desk around 9pm at night with the lights on, you are telling your body to keep yourself awake through the light stimulation. The blue light in the computer screen sends messages to your brain to stay awake and alert and that combined with the tasks you are asking your brain to do keeps your cortisol up which causes you to be awake and of course you don’t feel like sleeping yet. So your night time routine is causing you to survive and let you believe that you can survive on 5 hours sleep per night. Imagine how you could feel if you allowed your body to get more sleep? Started a new evening routine to allow your body to unwind sooner?

When you sleep your body heals, reduces inflammation, restores and rejuvenates. Overtime lack of sleep will reduce your body’s ability to heal. Healing doesn’t happen while cortisol is high and pumping through your body, healing happens while you sleep. Growth and repair is a night time thing and without adequate amounts those niggly joints, sore back, and inflammation related health problems will always be there, will never get better and will develop into bigger problems.

I personally think being super busy and surviving on lack of sleep is a thing of the past, it used to be popular. However, the more I follow and listen to successful people the more I hear them talking about achieving optimal health, peak performance, super charging brain power and creating a body that is ultimately foreverfit. Sleep is one of the single most important first steps you should take. Yes these successful people may be busy, but it’s never mentioned. It’s about being productive and finding time in your day to super charge your brain and gets peak performance. Your brain gets charged when you rest….you need that balance of ying and yang.

So instead of being busy and being tired and wearing those like a badge. Why not start wearing optimal health and wellbeing like a badge, wear an incredible night sleep that supercharges your day and makes you super productive. When you start to look at your being tired holistically you will start to get to the bottom of it. It’s about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, this is what will create a foreverfit body that is thriving in today’s modern word.