Its About Creating A Lifestyle. Get Off the Sugar Train ::

Its About Creating A Lifestyle. Get Off the Sugar Train

Its About Creating A Lifestyle. Get Off the Sugar Train

Its About Creating A Lifestyle. Get Off the Sugar Train!

If you are someone who has a past on diets and regimes and each day you are constantly obsessing with food and what you can or can’t eat, then you need to do something about it. Life isn’t meant to be this way. Since when are we as human beings supposed to be obsessed over food?

Don’t get me wrong  a healthy interest in food is fantastic. Humans are supposed to think about food to some degree. If you have a passion for food and recipes, then it is what I am talking about. It is the other side of the fence where I see people addicted to junk food, addicted to sugar, dieting, and binging. Sugar basically ends up turning them into a person obsessed with whatever food is nearby, any sort of foods. They became like the cookie monster!!

How to Create a Healthy Food Lifestyle

First, you need to switch the food you are eating, that is getting off the sugar train. Remove sugar from your diet because sugar makes you crave for more sugar. Do this one step at a time because if you cut sugar out and then obsess with calories and start overtraining it will all be way too hard to follow. The first step is to cut sugar and eat food that nourishes your body, eat food that is real. Change your obsession to creating clean healthy creative delicious recipes. If it wasn’t around 100, 000 years ago, don’t eat it. Our bodies aren’t designed to handle all this sugar. It can wreck havoc on your digestive health, mess with your moods, cravings, blood sugar and turn you into the cookie monster! When you remove the sugar and you eat real food, the cravings will disappear. The inflammation and stressed digestive system from all the junk food and sugar will heal and your body will begin to stop calling for sugar. You will begin to make healthy food part of your lifestyle.

When you are on a sugar train and you add to that calorie counting and chronic exercise your setting yourself up for failure. Start simple, start with just eating real food. Get rid of sugar. Ditch the chronic cardio which just makes your crave for more sugar and carbohydrates. Learn to exercise correctly and fuel your body with real food. Then you can enjoy life. Play more and have adventures, this is what life is all about.

You need to change where your thoughts are. You need to change your lifestyle so that it can be more active. Move more at low intensity. Get outdoors and walk. Start gentle and don’t be so hard on yourself. Just start to create the lifestyle you want to lead. Remove things that don’t support your goals. Remove anything that might steer you off track. This is your life!!! Create your LIFESTYLE….if there are things you need to change……..change it now!

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