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How To Keep On Track This Winter

How To Keep On Track This Winter


In winter the mornings are darker and the cold makes it much harder to jump out of bed for an early morning workout. What some of us would prefer to be doing is snuggling under the covers until the last minute, and spend the day rugged up enjoying winter warming foods before finishing the day with a glass of red or two!

It’s not uncommon for excuses to creep into our regimen and for the kilos to start sneaking up on us. But it isn’t all about weight; when we let our healthy lifestyle slip, we’re more prone to catching a miserable cold and feeling run down as our body tries to cope.

The truth is living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a seasonal thing. It’s something you need to adopt all year round and find ways to keep yourself motivated and inspired to stay fit and eat well.


Continue to set realistic health and fitness goals

Winter is probably one of the toughest seasons to keep up your fitness regime and stay true to your health goals. If your feeling your consistency drop, it’s time to start setting some realistic goals. I find the best way to make yourself more accountable is to write them down. Schedule your workouts in your diary, just like you would a meeting or doctor’s appointment.

Write down any goals you want to achieve (i.e. fitness, diet, emotional, professional) and put them where you will see them daily, like on the fridge or bathroom mirror. This will help you to stay motivated and continue to reassess or challenge yourself.


Nourish yourself with home cooked meals

It’s not unusual for your appetite to increase during winter making it much more tempting to fill up on those feel good foods. Buttered beads, pastas, coffees, and of course, those sugary treats! The best way to combat consuming excess calories, is to plan your meals for the week. If you prefer to do a bulk prep on a Sunday afternoon, make sure you schedule it in so that other commitments don’t get in the way. For those who enjoy cooking on a daily basis, make a bit extra so you can store a couple of emergency meals in the freezer.


Keep hydrated to remain energised

You might think that your body doesn’t need as much water in winter when compared to the hotter months, but your fluid stores are still being depleted. If you are exercising regularly it’s even more important you replace the fluid you’ve lost during your workout. Drinking water throughout the day will help you remain energised and will also nourish the skin, which may be feeling a little dry as the temperature drops.


Eat mindfully

The combination of being cold and bored lends itself to emotional overeating. Chances are at some point, you’ve caught yourself eating for the sake of it, not because you’re actually hungry. Learning to master the art of eat mindfully will help become more aware of your food choices and stay in tune with your appetite.


Detox if you feel the need

Detox is often associated with summer, when the weather is warm and salads and green juices are all the rage. You can however, cleanse in winter if you feel a greater need to nourish and support your body. Warming foods like soups and slow cooked stews are real foods your body will thrive off. Up your intake of vegetables to increase the nutrient content of your meals and play with warming spices like paprika and ginger. These will help increase up your metabolic rate and assist in keeping the bugs at bay.




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