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Members Post – Autoimmune Menu Plan

Members Post – Autoimmune Menu Plan

menuI suffered for over 8 years with perioral dermatitis and I experimented with many different diet plans in the aim to heal it.

Over the time that I was learning more about my skin I discovered that I not only had an annoying rash on my face but the fatigue and exhaustion I was feeling was all linked to my leaky gut issues.

To this diet plan here is what I used to heal them and I wanted to share it with you. It is for those who have any sort of gut inflammation, leaky gut,  suspected autoimmune diseases, skin conditions or for any one wanting to do a detox and clean up your gut health.

It give example of how you can structure your days, and your meals and its all inside the online gym.

It is there to give you ideas on what to eat for snacks and for breakfast, because these are often the hardest meals for people to get a grasp on. I totally understand and get it! Right now it feels like you can’t eat anything, but you can, and this isn’t about reducing calories, what it is about is increasing the nutrient density of your diet and removing foods that irritate the gut and cause gut dysbiosis and activate the immune system.

Don’t think breakfast has to look like breakfast and a snack a snack, fuel your body with what it needs. Also don’t feel you have to eat everything on this list. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied and feel free to adjust according to what your body needs.

What this diet will do is provide your body with the building blocks to be able to heal, while allowing you to absorb and assimilate the most nutrients possible from you food. When you have any sort of leaky gut or autoimmune disease along with it will be  nutrient deficiency because your gut isn’t able to absorb the nutrients from your food.

Inside the online gym I go into detail about the diet, provide you with the menus, food lists and so much more. Learn how you can heal your gut, improve your health and revitalize your body by getting your foods right.

Find out more about the online gym here. 

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