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Members Post – Gut Healing Protocol And Resources

Members Post – Gut Healing Protocol And Resources

Members Post - Gut Healing Protocol And ResourcesInside the online gym I am adding in all the resources you need to help heal your gut, improve your digestive system and help you get on track with your health. There are loads of different methods out there and it can be confusing as to what is the right thing to do. I have been there and I have jumped around all the different ways to heal your gut, improve hormones. Some worked some didn’t. I made mistakes and I learnt lots. So I want to make life easy for you and take away the confusion, and just give you what I think works.

In the process of healing my own leaky gut, fixing my hormonal imbalances and restoring my adrenal health I have worked out the best way to bring my body back into balance and the simpliest way. This is what I now have in the online gym a whole new area dedicated to healing your body from the inside out.

Whether or not your have done FDN testing or not, or whether you are just wanting to improve digestion, detox and provide your body with some healing time, this is what this area is for. Its all part of the online gym, no extra cost to members and its there when ever you need it.

I go through the process step by step and explain why you cut certain foods out, I provide menus and meal plans to help make life easy. Plus I explain exercise and what role this plays in healing and recovery and provide you with plans to help with this.

If you want access to this information plus all the other incredible other resources in the online gym, then sign up today. Let me help you find real health and wellness from the inside out.

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