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Members Post – Supplements I Take For Skin Health

Members Post – Supplements I Take For Skin Health

supplements I take for skin health

I go through different periods when it comes to supplements. When I was healing my skin I was taking lots, but then once I was on track again I would have very little and instead just load my green smoothie up with lots of nourishing things inside it.

Supplements are amazing for helping to supplement a diet. I do feel people rely to much of supplements being a wonder pill sometimes and hope that they will get miraculous improvements over night, but this isn’t the case. Just like food you need to give it time and make sure the supplements you choose are for a reason and of good quality. Then just like food there is a huge variety of supplements out there and the quality can differ a lot. Our modern food and lifestyle means the food we eat today isn’t as nutrient rich as what it used to be 50 years ago. The soil has changed and so what nutrients we used to get from our food has dramatically changed to. This is where good supplements come in, helping to replace some of those lost nutrients that we seem to miss in our diet. Also to help with restoring and repairing our digestive system to be able to absorb those nutrients.

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to supplements is that it doesn’t matter what you take if your digestive health is working well you won’t be able to absorb and assimilate those supplements. So it can be very expensive taking a whole lot of supplements for one thing if you aren’t taken care of your gut health along side this.

This is why when it comes to supplements you should do it in a certain order and take the supplement that is going to have the biggest impact on your health first. Then you can add to that later if you feel you need to. Of course you can buy them all at once if you wish, but this can end up being expensive. So start with the goal in mind and that goal should begin with great gut health so that what ever supplements you put on top of that they can be absorbed and not wasted.
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