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Natural Allergy Treatment

Natural Allergy Treatment

In order to understand how to heal allergies you need to understand what is causing them in the first place. If you are continually taking drugs to bring some ease but never really fixing the problem, you will always have the problem and properly making it worse each season by taking the drugs. Time to find a natural allergy treatment and get to the root cause.

My History As An Allergy Sufferer

When I first moved to Tauranga I had chronic hayfever. It hurt for me to go out into the sun, my eyes itched and watered like crazy. My eyes water when I laugh anyway, but this was ridiculous. I remember the day I went into the pharmacy, I was desperate. I took off my sunglasses and she looked at me with concern and said “oh you poor thing”. Man did I look like rubbish. She gave me some nasal spray and decongestants and within 20 minutes I was improving. I had to head home and just sit in a dark room.


Drugs Fix The Problem But Not The Cause

Taking the drugs and steroid sprays may be relieving the symptoms but you are just putting a bandaid over the cause. It may be incredibly common for people to have allergies in this day in age, but it’s not normal for your body to, your body wants to be healthy.

Allergies are a sign of a deeper problem. You need to fix the cause, not just cover it up. The side affects from sprays and drugs are pretty alarming.

Steroid Spray Side effects- Skin rashes, hives, wheezing, loss of smell, eye infections, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sore throats, weakened immune system and if children take them, it gone suppress growth!

So if you continually rely on them each season, you may want to consider your plan of attack. I personally wanted to find a natural allergy treatment.


What Is An Allergy?

An allergy is a  symptom of your immune system being inflammed. Our bodies are designed to be able to handle pollen. In a healthy body we have enzymes that break down the protein molecules found in pollen into peptide.  Our body then can break down the peptide and turn it into amino acids. This is a natural process that a healthy body is equipped to do. When our body has the right amount of enzymes and a healthy gut, it is set up to deal with pollen, animal hair and dust. If you don’t have the right amount of enzymes and a healthy digestive system your body can’t deal with the invaders.


So How Do You Fix Allergies?

You need to create a healthy gut, you need to good the balance of the good and the bad bacteria in your intestines. This is through first eating the right foods for your body. Know what your body can tolerate. Remove foods that could be causing inflammation. Start eating healing foods that are easily digestable and naturally anti inflammatory. Create the right digestive environment so your body can produce enzymes to support you.

Keep away from foods that are likely to cause symptoms and that are high in histamine. Alcohol is a big one. The sulfites in red and white wine can cause symptoms to flair up. Also you may want to avoid other foods that can cause reactions like yeast. So this means removing bread and baked goods.

It is really important to remove all possible high allergen foods for 30 days. Then you can reintroduce one at a time to find out what causes a reaction.

  • Eat fresh food from good quality sources. The EPA and DHA in quality fish oils has been suggested to prevent allergies while also relieving symptoms because of the natural anti-inflammatory behaviour.
  • Green tea also is renowned for reducing inflammatin and supporting the bodys immune system.
  • Vitamin C and also magnesium can help bring down allergy symptoms.
  • Honey that is wild and naturally farmed has also been known to reduce allergy symptoms.


Probiotics Help Reduce Your Allergies

Probiotics are about building the good bacteria. Studies today show that probiotics not only do this but they also are anti inflammatory, they help build the mucous lining in your digestive system and they help manufacture enzymes to help break down allergen. Probiotics directly help heal the root of the problem. The more  you take drugs to quickly fix allergies the more you are damaging your gut health.

Every dose of antibiotic can take  2 years for your digestive system to restore, so I would hate to think what steriod sprays and decongestants do. If you are taking paracetamol on top of that, you are just placing more stress on your gut.


Address The Root Cause Of Your Allergies

It is fair to say I had two summers in Tauranga where I really suffered from hay fever and was really sensitive to sunlight. It was the same summers that I was run down, exhausted and not taking care of myself the way I should have. I thought I was doing things right…but I wasn’t.

As soon as you take a moment to address the root cause of the problem, the sooner you will remove the hay fever and allergies. For me when I started to train correctly and got rid of foods that cause inflammation, took good quality cod liver oil and probiotics, my high fever disappeared.

Could it be worth trying out this natural allergy treatment if you do suffer from seasonal allergies?

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