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Why Do You Need To Be Put Into A Dietary Box

Why Do You Need To Be Put Into A Dietary Box


At the moment it doesn’t matter where I look, articles popping up everywhere about paleo diet, raw diet, sugar free diet and whatever else. Discussing about the pros and cons of each and even bringing out some negative back lash about it. It makes me incredibly frustrated and I can totally see why so many people are so confused. So I wanted to share with you what I share with every single one of my clients and online gym members.

Finding optimal health and real energy is about finding out what works for you. The truth is there are people out there thriving on a vegan diet, some who are getting amazing results on a raw diet and others transforming their energy and health with a paleo diet. The key is to find what works for you.

However……here is where the magic happens and where you gain ownership of what goes in your body. It’s not about a diet and following what is written down on paper, it’s about learning to understand what works for your body and finding the perfect fuel that powers you through your day. Now, by default you may have amazing results on a paleo diet but you also do well with some butter and rice in your meals, this doesn’t mean you are now bad because you aren’t fully paleo. The same goes when you head towards a more raw vegan diet, if you find your body needs some animal  protein every now and then with eggs, listen to it. Don’t hesitate to do it just because you are being a “strict vegan”, trust what your body needs and fuel it with what is going to help you create real energy.

You don’t have to belong to a certain diet. What you do need is to learn to listen to your body. I have worked with plenty of people who have been strict vegans for years. Then battle with the fact that they now want to include some protein into their diet but feel bad because they will no longer be classified as vegan. Your body is amazing, if you are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals it will do what it can to help you get them. That doesn’t mean to say that the vegan diet that has helped you get healthy until now hasn’t been great, but your body may be lacking something. It also works the other way, when people start on a paleo diet they may go to full on with the protein and start to lack energy. They need to make sure that they are getting adequate nutrients from vegetables and may also do well with some fruit in their diet.

You see, there is no one diet for everyone, each have different gut biome, different digestive system, history, workload, stress levels, genetic makeup and DNA. We are all unique and each one of us requires slightly different twists on our food. However, what every single one of these diets have in common is that they are based around vegetables, quite simply we aren’t eating enough vegetables. If there was one blanket message I want to get out there, it is that you can eat more vegetables. Get more into your body, no matter what diet you are following. Then think about what is the best possible protein source that is going to work for your body. Is it animal protein or if you are vegetarian head for high quality organic legumes. Then add to your meals some good quality fats that are in their purest form, so needs and seeds, avocado, avocado oils, olive oil, butter, ghee, and coconut oil.

When we move away from having to belong to a certain “diet” or plan and we start to learn to understand our bodies more, we gain power in our choices.

For me, I personally base every meal around vegetables, and then I add to that lean meats and good quality fats. I eat nuts occasionally, have some fruits, use butter and I love sushi. So if I was to put myself in a box I would be eating most probably more vegetables than a lot of vegans, I eat less protein than a lot                 of paleo peeps and I love my sushi and I make sure I get plenty of high quality fat into my diet. So there is really no box that I ever like to put myself in. By default this is what I have found which works for my body and this is the type of diet I thrive on. I have tweaked how much of what macronutrient makes me thrive and what gives me great energy and this is the power I also want to provide you with.

You don’t have to belong to a diet, to a group or even put yourself into a box, what you do need to do is base your diet off real food. Cut out the crap, gluten, processed dairy, the excess sugar, the additives, preservatives and other added ingredient and base your diet around whole natural real food. Then learn to listen to your body.

Inside the online gym I have full detailed questionnaires that help you learn to listen to your body, help you understand what foods work for you and help you gain ownership of your diet. Find the diet that works for you and that gives you amazing health.


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