Not All Carbs Are Created Equal ::

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

Not all foods are created equal, thus, not all carbs are the same.

There is a HUGE dissimilarity between the different types of carbohydrates out there. Primarily, there are grain based carbohydrates and vegetable or fruit based carbohydrates. Within the grain based carbohydrates are those that contain gluten and those that do not.  Personally, I think all gluten based grains especially wheat should be avoided by everyone! You can read up on this here.

Then there are the grains that don’t contain gluten. These may be okay for some people, however, for others they can be just too much for the body to handle and can do more harm instead. You see, we are all different and what works for you may not work for others. It’s about learning to understand your body and how foods make you feel. Don’t just follow what is written black and white in the latest diet. Get to know your body. This is how you will find results and the real feeling of health.

Not all carbs are equal.

Anyone who suffers from high cholesterol, diabetes, insulin problems are going to do well without high levels of carbohydrates, in particular from grains of any sort. They want to keep insulin at bay and keep blood sugar levels stable. Those that suffer from any sort of fatigue or adrenal issues need to make sure they are getting adequate carbohydrates and fats into their diet. Then those that are training with any sort of intensity also need to ensure they are getting the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates into their diet. Anyone who is sedentary, not doing too much exercise, mainly walking and have a inactive job, they are going to do well on a very low carbohydrate diet. You see, there are so many different combinations of foods and the one thing that all these people could have in common is that they are trying to lose weight and feel great!

Another thing to understand is that our body works in rhythms. At different stages of the day, your body naturally produces different hormones in relation to what is happening around it and within it. Along with this, the biochemistry of your body also adapts and moves along with the rhythms in your body. While some people may need a more carbohydrate based meal to begin with, others may need a more protein based meal to start. Different ratios at different times of the day can help you manipulate your energy and find optimal well-being.

It is important to know that you should feel amazing after you eat because food is fuel. The ratios of that food though can make a huge difference to how your body functions. Learn to understand your body and what works for it!

If you are ready to get off to the best possible start, to fine tune your diet and find out exactly how much carbohydrates you should be eating? Then I have all this information plus so much more inside the online gym. Information on carbohydrate timing, through to quantities and types. All the education you need to fine tune your food and get results!




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